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    hi all. want to put in an offer for a property, but it has an ig pool. Does filling in a pool restrict how/what u can build over it? I want to 2 unit the site, so obviously is an issue…

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    Not really,but you will probably end up with piers of some sort to get down to a suitable bearing capacity.Of course that is all extra cost.


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    Hi Enigma,

    I’m a structural engineer and have dealt with these types of problems before. Their are two options in this situation that I generally use. Firstly, is to total remove the inground pool (a bit expensive).

    I generally call up a low strength concrete (say 2-10MPa) which for your information 2-3MPa is about the hardest you’ll compact soil. This will cost about $40-$80 per cubic metre and you simply pour it in until it fills the pool. It should be very easy to work out the size of the pool and get a quote to do this.

    However, you will still need to get a geotechnical report (its about $350 for soil classification and single borehole in Mildura, Victoria).

    However, as Tools suggested any footings around the pool will need to be founded below an imaginary 45degree line from the base of the pool so that any fill material doesn’t interfere with the natural ground material that the footings will be founded into.

    Hope this helps and that it makes sense!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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