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    Greetings Forumites

    Has anyone heard or worked with Spiro Kladis and his website ?
    Any comments are greatly appreciated.

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    i'm interested to know about spiro kladis too

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    Given the information available in the link I provided in my last post I suggest it would be a good idea to give him a wide berth.  Has anyone used buyer's agents.  Do they find better deals than we could?  Can anyone recommend good ones?

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    Hi Melly,

    I bought 3 IP within 2 months from Paul Wilson who is my buyer agent. He is very focus and excellent in his job. I am target another IP in NSW soon. He specializes in every corner of Australia.
    I have spoken to 3 buyer agents and in the end I choose him to be my buyer agent.
     So far no regret  and is happy with his service.

    you might like to contact him:

    Paul Wilson

    We Find Houses –

    P: 1800 600 890 – Toll free number or his office # 363447776 if  you call from oversea.

    M: 0414 987 140 – his HP #

    cheers !

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    Thanks for that.  I will definitely contact him.

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    For what its worth i cant complain, Cashflow Capital have been good to me. I used them last year to purchase and looking at using them again now. Sydney or Melbourne I cant decide where to focus though.

    I personally met Spiro at one of their seminars just recently. He comes across as very trustworthy to me.


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    Hi members,

    I attended tonight a cashflow Capital information night in Sydney hosted by Andre Knott, alot of figures, numbers, projected population growth areas etc…and at the end an invitation to join the mentor program..

    I am very much a newbie and very unknowledgeable in regards to real estate, accounting, financing etc and so whilst we have 2 neagtively geared properties I am of no doubt now that we need to move towards positively geared.

    As with many I feel uncomfortable myself wasting time to try to educate myself in the area required I would very much prefer to be mentored and to outlay some money (that I believe in making back in quick time), in order to LEARN from professionals what to do…This way I feel I can learn and do, rather than spend time trying, doing blindly and wasting time and money!

    I was hoping to find more current opinions, advice, experiences from people regards Cashflow Capital or similar in these forums yet have only found this thread, if anywhere else please do help direct me there.

    Thank you


    P.S have also just found another short thread on here: Investor work shop night by Andre Knott….thanks

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    I am new  to this forum. Has anyone done business with Spiro Kladis / Cashflow Capital

    He is suggesting to buy cashflow positive properties in USA ( particularly properties that are available for for-closure by the banks. )

    Buying them outright , renovating  them and then selling them slightly under market rate .  The owner pays the cost of the house plus interest over a fixed period of 20-25 years. You recoup your principal amount in 8 years ( approx ) and for the balance 12 years you get a cash flow positive returns  on your investment.

    Has anyone recently  done business with him ? How reliable and trustworthy is this gentleman ?


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