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    Just a query about what the best insulation would be for a roof in QLD.

    I have done some reseach after being told about Cool or Cosy spray in but am not sure if this is better than a type of batt?

    I would rather spend more and get the best quality solution, whatever that might me.

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    Once in, cool or cozy is difficult to move or work arond without having scuba gear on. I recently did a reno on one of ours last year in Rosewood.

    I thought yeah 2 days and ill be done with the bathroom reno. Big mistake. By 10 am each day it was 35 degrees C or hotter and it became unbearable to even start on the bathroom. Action needed to be taken and the old aluminium roof with a low pitch amplified the heat to be over 40 degrees. I needed it fixed asap. Drove to Bunnings and bought 6 packs of batts only got 4 up in the roof that day before loosing 5 kgs through sweat and nearly passing out. Seeing how much I had left to go I went back to Bunnings and bought another 6 packs.

    Next moring the house that does free range eggs2 doors up had the best alarm. A rooster at 5 am while it was still cool. I got up and did the 8 packs left before 10 am. Sparkie turned up and did the ceiling fans in everyroom as well as double powerpoints throughout while I had a shower. They did the exhaust fans in the bathroom and kitchen ceilings last. So I then had 2 days to do the bathroom reno of tiles, tile paint, new shower and taps and a full paint in the bathroom.

    Insulation and ceiling fans, all done in a couple of days and rented out to the first that saw it after that.

    For your information though, I had gotten a quote to do batts about three months before but was unaware of the value of doing it until I stayed in the house. The quote from memory was about $2100 and the 12 x $42.00 packs cost me $504.00 plus my time for install.

    Major cost saving. They were on sale as well so I got 3.5 rated bats.

    All cool, all done. Hope this helps


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    Couldn’t agree more about the batts. The thicker the better, most batts are already partly cut in case you want to divide them in two. Make sure you dont open the packs until you’re in the ceiling…they are compressed and expand significantly. they are easy to install and seem to have passed the test of time.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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