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    We have ducted air-con but only use it when we really need to. Oldest son has his own room downstairs with no air flow and wants to air-con his area so he can have it on without having to have the whole house on.

    We have been told not to touch the portable air-conditioners. I am not talking about evaporative coolers as I know they are hopeless in high humidity places like Brisbane but wonder if anyone has used a portable air-conditioner.

    We will be looking at about $800 to buy and install a small split system for this small area (guessing) but for about $400 we could get a portable one. He has a bathroom off his room so the drain could go into his sink when it is on.

    Would love to hear from anyone who has used one of these. I have been told they are not very good, but would prefer to do it as cheaply as possible.

    Thanks, Wylie.

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    Hi Yes I have one, they are not that crash you need to have a vent for the hot air, so we had to put it out the window..which really defeats the purpose as the hot air just comes in through the window as well as blowing the hot air back in.
    The only way to do it would be to cut a whole in the wall so you could put out the vent, this is something I didnt want to do.

    On the other hand my mum uses one that she has to put in ice water which doesnt need the venting pipe…but its really as efficient as a good fan and and ice cold washer on your forehead.

    You may appreciate spending the extra few dollars and getting a split system for the desired area.

    Kylie S
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    A simple way around kylie’s problem. Get a sheet of plastic, cardboard, coreflute, plywood, etc. and cut it to the shape between the vent and the window.

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    Hi Wylie

    Don’t waste your money.
    For a little more you can buy a split system inverter AC
    They are more efficient, quieter and cheaper to run.



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    Hi Wylie. Too true I am afraid. They are not suitable unless you want to use them for a shelf or book end, but as for cooling……
    I think if you got a basic split system you/he would be pleased. Alternatively, a wall mount cooling only refridgerated one would save you $ and work well too, although big hole in wall…..[strum]

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    G’day Wylie,
    The portable airconditioners are not worth the money.
    Get a small split system and it would be an improvement to the house as well.

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