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    Has anybody got an idea as to the cost per SQM of rendering over rough brick. By “rough brick” I mean those hideous bricks from the 70’s that look like they have had a cold chisel taken to them.

    I’m not even sure you can render over these bricks so if anybody has any advice or can point me toward a decent website that would be just superb.

    Many thanks


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    Cost of rendering over a smooth surface is $40 – $45 per sq mt.

    If the bricks are rough to enable you to get a smooth finish you will need to do a lot of preparation. just measn extra coats of a special material that smooths things out.

    This could increase the cost by 50%

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    If they are tumbled brick maybe you could fill in enough to make it smooth, but if they are that one with large chunks sticking out, sometimes up to half a brick, I wouldnt even attempt it.


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    I have spoken to two people who have rendered their entire house for under $500. I have also read in a forum that someone did it for $150 not including paint.[exhappy]

    I have a practical suggestion if the bricks do come out about half a brick from the wall:

    Hire a brick cutter and cut the juts off. Ask a tradie about it at your local bunnings.

    The remaining surface will be very rough in the least and will require more time and materials to render but the result should be amazing.

    Please let us know how you go.

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    We just finished a reno where the bricks were sticking out and there was holes where the bricks were missing as it was under the house and we filled it in to add a extra room we hammer off all the dags filled in the holes with cement and painted the first coat on then used a method for the second coat where we poured the paint into the tray and add sand and applied witha glove giving us a textured finish as we where never going to get it smooth looks great. but took 20 lts paint and one day for ftwo coats as the bricks suck up the paint Also broomed the outside of the house (one day & one bag cement) then painted the finish Hope this gives you some help and ideas Grey

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    Sounds like you have rolled wire cuts. They look like a nice brick which has been rolling around in the back of a truck for a few weeks.
    We had ours rendered professionally and are happy with the result. They used an acrylic render base and we chose to have a coloured texture applied so we didn’t have to paint. This can be mixed to any colour.
    We decided to only render the front of the house for maximum street appeal. I bagged the rest of the house using brick sand and cement with some liquid plasticiser added. The frontage was 20 square metres but as it had 3 windows and a door with sills cost us $1200 + GST. We could have just payed for a base for $1000+ GST and painted but decided it was just more work. The price worked out to $60 a metre because the bricks were rolled wire cuts with deep raked joints. The result is unbelievable. Looks great.
    A tip for painting on bagging or render so you don’t use too much paint is to water the first coat down up to 50% as it will seal the surface without drawing too much paint into it.
    Get some tradies out there for a price and some will give you plenty of helpful advice.
    Good luck.

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    Gees that question was asked 7 years ago.

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    Hi Joe

    jmsrachel wrote:
    Gees that question was asked 7 years ago.

    You've obviously been a member for a long time then. I was going to do a little research on rendering myself. This thread gives me a head start then. I noticed you mentioned elsewhere that you are getting a builders license soon. Are  you a carpenter? I think from a vague memory on another thread somewhere you mentioned you're in Mackay? I've been a Chippie in my  past life. I've got IP in Mackay. Might try to meet up with you sometime when I come up for an inspection.



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