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    Ok, i’ve picked my accountants brains, and he reckons he is now doubtful SD can be avoided. Back pedalling a bit…

    Well, there u go, u guys were right. Bloody Johnny Howard and the tax department huh?

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    SD cannot be avoided but it is not JH but the respective State Govts that collect the duty.


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    Exactly Richard

    The stamp duty goes to The “Office of STATE Revenue”.

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    Originally posted by tammy:

    How about selling PPOR to trust and then leasing it back? Then transferring PPOR status to buy build sell projects (1per annum). I have asked 3 accountants about this and have recieved 3 different opinions, yes, no and yes but dont use a trust, just do it in your own name.
    If any one has a learned opinion I would be interested. I am in muddy waters at the moment.

    How about selling PPoR to trust and using the funds to assist in purchasing new PPoR?

    The best thing about Trusts is thier flexibility as your needs change over time..IMHO its well worth talking to someone who knows what they are talking about re: Trusts and the variations within , many accountants don’t

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