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    Just a general question, when going to a real estate agent, is it ok to just come out and say “would you be able to show me some of your properties on your books that not many people are looking at and are on the cheapy side of the market”? Im just struggling to find those “problem” properties in order to solve them!

    Cheers guys[biggrin]

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    Whatever works, but I have tried this with a couple i know locally, and it seems to invite a barrage of sales speel on every property they have. WHat i have tried once, and plan to do again soon is expressing interest in one particular property, and then once talking to a salesperson, asking is there any property in thelower price point of the market that they have had on the books for a while or that they think someone is quite keen to sell that has had no offers and see how you go. It’s a learning curve is’nt it? All the best[hmm]

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    I would suggest this
    Tell them what buying range you are looking for…. Ask them for hte biggest problem property…. after all the bargains are not on the asking price…. but on the negotiated price.


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    We always ask them for information on the properties they have had on the market for the longest. However, sometimes this does backfire when it turns out the reason a property has been on for so long is because it is way overpriced and the vendor won’t budge in any way, shape or form.

    One thing we asked an agent recently was “if you were buying a house in the xxx price range, and you wanted a really good buy, which house would you be looking at”. He showed us a great house but it was FULL of termites – to the extent of the floor falling out of the rooms, and we didn’t even get to looking at the walls – we really weren’t looking to do a rebuild – but it was going very cheap!.

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