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    Our group has got itself involved with an operator of skip bins. It appears on the surface that there is a tad of money involved with dealing with people’s rubbish. It’s pretty complex / smelly and really bulky, but there is sufficient coin involved for me to sit up and take notice.

    The operator is recycling the bulk (upwards of 70%) of everything they handle, thereby reducing a heap of landfill. They have just set this facility up (the first in the state) on one of our industrial properties. Govt depts are falling over themselvces to help out any way they can….including cash assistance in their endeavours.

    I’ve been invited to join the group as equal partners and I’m mildly excited at the prospect of handling upwards of 30,000 tonnes of people’s rubbish per month. I’m even learning new words like “petrucible” and “bins”….[biggrin]

    Anyway, we think we are onto a bit of a winner. It has been done before over in the Eastern States…but as you know us guys over here in the West are a bit slow and not quite as clever. Any tips from the clever Eastern States folks would be helpful.

    What the operation desparately needs is a dirty big hole in the ground to get rid of the 25 or 30% of the refuse that isn’t recyclable. I suppose that’s where I come into play. My part of the deal is to buy large acreage as close to the city as possible to turn into a tip, which can eventually be “recycled” itself into a housing development plot…..similar to what people have done previously.

    Anyway…..are there any environmental consultants amongst the forum here with a couple of pointers, or indeed some refined gentlefolk who regularly get involved with rubbish ???


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    Hey Dazzling
    ha ha far out there’s just about nothing you wont get involved in!
    Go for it!

    We’ve got 70 yrs on planet earth,Lets make the most of every day!

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    It sounds like a rubbish to me Dazz. [jerry]

    I thought there was limitations to what could be built on to a tip. Some old tips here in Brisvagas have playing fields over the rubbish as nothing could be built on the unstable ground.

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    Thanks WC….everything is worth investigating I reckon.

    Yes Cata, my limited research so far has uncovered that carparks of the flat bitumen variety seem to be the preferred choice nowadays for ex-tips…..although a pretty swanky townhouse development on the river at Ascot here in Perth used to be a smelly landfill site.

    I think they dump about 7 or 8m of soil onto the compacted mess and call it good. I know some pretty well to do people who paid through the nose to live on top of a tip….maybe they don’t know ??


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    good luck with this project, it’s a winner. i use skip hire from a company who does the same thing in the outer SE suburbs of Melbourne. Their clearance rate on rubbish is up in the high 80s/90%. Because of this, their costs are significantly lower than other competitors, which mean their skip hire charges are alteast 30% lower than others (which is why I use them). Their name is bedrock bin hire. 0414 594 532. Perhaps you could call them and find out more info. From my experience the guy who runs it is really approachable and very happy to chat about the way his business works. I was fascinated! He may be able to help you in your venture.

    good luck

    Mee Chee

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