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    Hi there

    I have a 3-bedroom weatherboard house in a eastern suburb of Melbourne. There’s a 15-min walk railway station and 2 rows of shops. The house has a great tree/mountain view from its newly built pegola. I am tossing with the options i have:

    1. to rent out and wait for capital growth – which will need another $10k investment for a hot water system and definitely need minority ongoing maintenance,
    2. to sell outright, or
    3. to wrap it – of which i find the result figure may not be affordable looking at the rental prices in that area.

    Eagerly waiting for some views and advices,
    Sun [hair2]

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    There’s no way anyone can give you an eductated answer based on the info you’ve given. My uneducated answer though is never sell real estate. [suave]

    Maybe you could let us know though
    – why did you buy the house (as a PPOR, as an IP for growth or income ??)
    – why you are thinking of selling at the moment

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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