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    What softwre solutions are people using for:

    Managing tenants
    Managing WRAPS
    Managing 2nd mortgages


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    Excel designed program
    Excel designed program

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    My wrap clients nearly all use:


    Simon Macks
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    I had a look at this however concluded it was still a version of 1 or so and had been there since 2004. Looked like an abondoned project to me.

    I would be very interested in hearing some comments from those using this package.


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    My name is Michael Gruber, co-producer of LoanAlert. I do apologise that the trial version that is on the website is version 1.

    However the latest release is v1.03 which includes bug fixes as well as some features on the information panels to assist the user.

    Our current method of supporting inquiries is, rather than issue the tradional trail version, we provide a download link for the full version which can be examined for a period of 14 days.

    This permits the user to try out all the features of LoanAlert.

    Michael Gruber

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    We use Loan Alert for our Wraps and 2nd Mortgages. We find it’s Uniform Consumer Credit Code features to be invaluable.

    The software manufacturers recently came out with a free update so I’m sure it’s not an abandoned program.

    Cheers, Paul

    Paul & Karen Dobson


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    I use Rent Manager for my rentals, a combination of Loan Alert and Excel for my wraps and Excel for 2nd mortgage carry backs.

    Dave Siacci

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