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    [biggrin]Well after being in this pub for 20 months and reading the forum from afar we now will get back to the real world in 2 weeks!! I will then start my little foray back into annoying agents again and are they in trouble after putting with people from another planet namely called framers!!! I have never seen things or heard things like i have seen up here. Being a chef owner as well as running a pub itself has bee really hard and the peolpe well just amazing. Set up a really good menu and gat asked things that i had never heard of before including well done fish. Aghhh Got asked about scocth fillet has that got achahol in it? Aghhh so many well done steaks and even got asked to put into deep fryer to make it crispy!!! Even had a dish which was served on a banana leaf for presentation and they complained they couldnt eat the leaf!!!!!!!! Would love a dollar for every time for chicken in pajama’s Aghhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Had a special pasta day and got asked what ravioli is and what is marinara! Even had some order and bring back to the counter saying i dont like seafood!!!![grrr] The staff! Well they say they want to work but only their hours cant work nights as there is a party on!! And some of the adults are just as bad!! The farmers!!!!! Talk about wanting handouts from the govenernment! Their paddock car is a 2 year old rodeo or navara!! The like to change their cars every 2 years or give it to mum or son! Cant get enough out of the gov as they reckon their price’s for their crops are to low but still have enough to go away on holidays 3 times a year! The big investment plan is to lease out their land for their super in the future but one problem is there is bucket loads of land to lease in the whole area and the price to sell has come down by 30% in the last 2 years. Yet the price of house’s in this town are really cheap but they reckon it is expsenive but that doesnt stop them driving around the streets to see who is selling their house! The gossip is unreal and if a rumour hasnt started by 10am they invent one!!!!!!! We did okay in the end but i look back at my time here and i can say well we picked 2 properties and have a nice amount of equity in them so fine. What i have also learnt from being here dont cook good food as they would not know what it is, the farmers get to many hand outs, the staff are hopeless, would not buy an investment property in a town of less than 3000 as they dont know how to look after them and the property agents are just as bad. I am looking forward to coming back to the real world. seeya

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    Welcome back Chefman. Love your posts and hope you have some time to post some more.

    Let me know when you are ready for a half share in a pub up my way [biggrin]

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    Great post chefman

    Where abouts is this pub that you have put up with for 20 months ?

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    yeah nice post chefman, i’ve always said there is nothing like living in a small town…absolutely bl%^#y nothing….


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    Oh no, Chefman PM me ASAP, just made an offer on a pub in a small town!!!

    They mentioned something about the previous chef trying to acquire a michellin star?!! (or three)

    But seriously, am looking at 16000 acres on Monday would love a PM or email from ya…

    Book me in Simon I’ll have my salmon well done and my drunken steak deep fried please…(Where’s the tomato sauce for these rice things?)[sick3]

    “ask and you shall recieve”

    Sincerely, Jarrah

    (your not hunting if your not hungry)

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    [grrr]Yeah!!! Forgot about the tomatoe sauce as they had that on everything as well!!!!!!!!!!! We were in a place that i called hell but it’s real name was Donald between Ballarat and Mildura. My doctor has told me that the nightmares that i have been having will subside once i go back to the real world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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