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    Haven’t done it for over 3 months, but just had a bit of a surf on the internet for the last 90 minutes and found about 14 +CF properties. What a smorgasboard. Best I found was 10.6% nett, but I didn’t like the cap growth prospects.

    I nearly fell over when I saw one listing on the boards there. Didn’t mention yield. It’s been my dream property to purchase ever since I saw it 10 years ago. Nothing flash to look at mind you, but the location and characteristics of the dirt are to die for.

    Perth folk might recognise it. It is the Department of Justice building (State Govt tenant) on the corner of Milligan and Wellington, in the middle of Perth, between the old Entertainment Centre and Fast Eddys.

    The best thing I liked about it, is it’s an isolated little triangle island of about 1100 sqm of dirt with a 2 storey office on it surrounded by 3 streets. No neighbours at all !!! Wonderful…don’t get that too often.

    Anyway, the EOI (Expression of Interest) closed about 4 or 5 days ago, so I’m absolutely spewing…working for money really is a handbrake when good opportunities come along and you miss them completely.

    Ho-hum…I don’t think this one will come along again in a hurry…sometimes the deal of the decade doesn’t come along every week.

    How’s everyone else going, scurrying around in the chestnut pile looking for gems ??

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    I don’t know that one dazzling but I would dearly love to own the Masonic Hall opposite Subi Oval there – what a building!


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