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    Hi all,

    How much do you think is a fair price for a quality ebook, I know a lot companies are getting into this type of marketing;

    8.75 or another value

    What would you expect to get, quality, number of pages, etc etc


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    For Free! Through a file sharing network.

    Shhhhhhh!!! Don’t tell anyone![evil4]

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    Less than $5.

    I’ll pay 20-30 for a print book, but I have the ability to stand there and flick through it and decide not to buy it, if it doesn’t appear to meet my needs. You don’t have the same luxury with an e-book.
    If I paid 3.95 for an e-book that didn’t end up meeting my needs I wouldn’t care, If I paid 10, 15 or 20 I definitely would care, then probably never purchase from the same place again.

    PS. I know you already have e-books available, send me a couple of freebies and i’ll tell you what I think.


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    Hi resi,
    I’d be inclined to agree with Shwing although it is hard to say as it is anew concept for me.
    Important is quality coupled with examples (for those that are as thick as I am) to illustrate the point.

    Depending on the Topic or number of topics, and the quality of the info – I’d pay more for better stuff! Keep the marketing cr..p separate though! I had to unsubsrcibe from Hans Jakobi because for every 100 words of advertising I’d get one word of advice. Just P’d me off.


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    I’d be interested in knowing a breif on the content before buying it, and payment methods must be secure especially over the net. Is it an idea to send a CD with every purchase?

    Hey Mal I know resi’s quality of ebooks are great, I actually read the Loan Process Guide.

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