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    If poverty is linked to sadness and depression then it makes sence then to become rich all you need to do is to become HAPPY.

    Not withstanding third world countries lets keep this topic local.

    I have noticed that negative/unhappy/miserable/free loaders etc etc never get to their goal. Then on the other hand I can name many many rich/comfortable people who are HAPPY – HELPFUL – SHAREING – CAREING people.

    I have been reading some very interesting new material lately on how SADNESS and UNHAPPIENESS repels wealth and that by developing a positive and happy out look attracts wealth.

    For me I like to associate with happy people rather that sad people, what do u think?


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    I totally agree with you!!!

    Although I don’t believe a positive attitude alone will attract wealth. You still need to follow proven strategies and formulas.

    Unfortunately I’m surrounded by so many conservative people in my life, especially at work. I’ve really gotta do something about it.[thumbsdownanim

    All the best![biggrin]


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    I agree too. In so many instances what you think about is what you get. Also, like smoking affects your health in so many different ways, so do your thoughts affect your outcomes, realities etc. in so many different ways.

    Also I believe that so many people are poor or impoverished, not because of circumstances etc. but because of the types of people that they are. This may sound harsh, but it’s so true in many instances that I’ve seen. Also a strange occurence I notice a lot is that the less a person has the more inclined they are to be ‘snobbish’ , stand-offish and hard to get to know etc. Some people are just ‘that far gone’ it’s unbelievable. Dirt poor and stuck up about it??? [blink]

    While it’s also true that rich people can be snobs, elitst etc. I’ve found that richer people like this are usually the ones who are married to the person who created the wealth or they are the recipients of their wealth via inheritance etc.

    It’s a rare occurence IMO that the person who developed their wealth are people who aren’t approachable, friendly and happy etc. I’m not just talking about some bloke who earns $120k per year and lives in a million dollar house either, I’m talking about rich people- those who have millions and the lifestyle to go with it.

    Anyway, good thought provoking post, hopefully it brings about some good debate.


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    Great post g7. I tend to agree with you and I would like to add as an example that comes to mind of poorer people with ‘that’ attitude .

    People of the older sheep stations who have hardly a spare brass raazoo to rub together these days and who have lost a lot of their wealth in real terms . I don’t know. I think it is just the way some folk are brought up with those old values and old money ideas. They are not all like that of course but a lot are IMO.

    I like the line: that far gone it’s unbelievable. I know what you mean.


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    It makes cents to become rich and happy?

    Have you ever read “As a Man Thinketh” by James ALLEN, over 100 odd years old and a great read.

    Not only that but “Applied Knowledge is POWER” the forum and many members can attest to that


    “Money is a currency, like electricity and it requires momentum to make it Effective”
    Count The Currency With This Online Positive Cashflow Calculator

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    Yes I totally agree Knowledge is the ultimate power how many times have you looked back on something and thought “If I had only”…

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    I think the “applied knowledge” is the key. Knowing what you should of done is never enough. How many people have heard the previous generation say things like “We had the opportunity to purchase (insert fantastic asset) but didn’t and now look what’s happened to it”.

    My Nanna once held the entire suburb of Morley in Perth, but sold it on the advice of her husband so he could buy a combine harvester and take the crop off without having to pay contractors come up and do it from Midland….hmmmm.

    I think happy and content people are busy people. If you have plenty of time on your hands you have lots of time to absorb all of the negative vibes that are constantly bombarbing you with life’s external and most sensationalised beat up miseries.

    My biggest two tips for keeping happy and vibrant are to ;

    1. Turn off the TV and never turn it back on.
    2. Turn off the radio in the car – listen to tapes / CD’s etc.

    I go weeks and sometimes months without getting my fix of Australian TV and radio, and it does me wonders. When I see or hear it again, I’m not surprised to see that nothing has changed and there are the same old tired faces whinging about the latest brawl they are having with someone with equal power to them.

    Buying something that both makes money and appreciates for you (no matter how small) also gives you a little boost….well, does for me anyway.

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    Interesting topic, resiwealth.
    I would like to say a few things about happiness, as I think that sadness is just the (total or temporary) absence of happiness, and happiness is something that we al strive for.

    Happiness is dynamic; it is never constant- your idea of happiness can change as you ‘grow’, or go through stages in your life.
    Happiness is relative.
    For many people, happiness means being wealthy.
    For a sick person happines means health.
    For a poor person happiness means wealth.

    For a Buddhist wealth means suffering. For him, happiness may mean to be detached from all material possessions, to own nothing, which will give him freedom, enlightenment, which for him is the goal to be happy.

    So, while everyone can have a different view of what happiness is, whatever a person wants(or does not want), he wants because he thinks it will lead to happiness. There is nothing more valuable than happiness.

    If you want wealth, you want it because are convinced it will bring you happiness; perhaps because for you happiness means that you can live your life the way you want; you think that wealth will give you freedom and for you freedom means happiness.
    So, some people want wealth because it means freedom, which makes them happy- to do what they like, to have what they want.
    For some, being locked up inside a closed order and having no freedom means happiness.
    For others, prestige or status means happiness.
    For many people, pleasure means happiness. They need pleasure to drive away the pain, the stress, the loneliness in life.
    Pleasure can sometimes lead to addiction. Feeling pleasure also can make you dependent on the things that give you pleasure. Being addicted to anything usually creates problems for the addict. For an addict, happiness can mean not to be addicted.
    For others, wealth, having a load of money, will make them feel safe about their future. Feeling safe gives them a sense of happiness.
    It can happen that people focus far too much on the wealth aspect in their lives. They are convinced that the more they have, the happier they will be, and the happier they will be in the future.
    Having money gives a person so many more options, and makes life so much easier and pleasurable.
    But like ‘poor’ people can be worried because they do not have enough money, ‘rich’ people can worry about losing what they have- their happiness.

    I do think that happiness is such an abstract concept that it can be misleading to say that wealthy people are generally happier than poor people. Would a happy and wealthy person really become an unhappy person if he suddenly lost all of his wealth? If that is so, it means that his happiness depended on his possessions. This could not have been true happiness.
    Perhaps happiness is even an illusion.

    To turn it around: Perhaps having joy inside you to start with, being a naturally joyful person will attract true happiness into your life.

    Happiness can mean a feeling of wellbeing, of being content with who you are regardless of what you have.
    Happy, joyful people generally do have better, richer social lives. They share things with friends and family. They are generous people, sharing knowledge, ideas, feelings, wealth and worries.
    Joyful people, I have to agree here with Dazzling, are usually productive and/or busy people. I have never seen a happy, bored person.

    I also think that being able to share things brings a person a lot of happiness. Having good social contacts enables you to share things. Happiness cannot exist if you cannot share it with others (IMHO).

    Perhaps this joyfulness regardless of wealth is a factor that attracts wealth into your life.


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    Great Post resiwealth, really uplifting and great reminder to stay happy and positive. Reading your previouse posts, you really sound like someone of great knowledge in the industry. P.S. I like the name (resiwealth) whats behind that?

    I think it’s some what like karma, you get what you give..

    Roy H.
    L.R.E.A., Dip FS (FP)

    Guardian Property Specialists (GPS) is a research-focused company that specialises in sourcing and providing residential investment properties Australia wide!

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    Hi Roy and thanks 4 the comment, I generally don’t like to advertise on other peoples sites but as some others do it here I will give u a bit.

    I have 3 books at the printers in the final stages ready to be launched, they can be viewed on my other site at

    Resiwealth is short 4 residential wealth – along with a group of very talented alliances of mine we are about to launch a totally new (global) education wealth arena. – – – (free property advertising) and much more.

    Actually Roy I have visited your site and would be very interested in purchasing some of your Ipswich Property Reports as I am currently finishing a 55 lot subdivision there.

    Secondly Roy as I see you guys are licienced REA and Fin/planners I would also like to invite you to my office to discuss an alliance with as our prefered independant research specialist. I have people in New York and London ready to launch the overseas connection, and will be very interested in purchasing simalar reports from you on projects around Australia.

    I have a very very strong female force behind including Josie Watkins who is head lecturer at the NSW university in physology and is on call with the NSWPD and NYPD in reabalitating criminals back into society, she specalises in self esteem and personal change stratagies.

    Our goal is to deliver quality information for FREE and some with a very small charge for every body to enjoy. We will have home study courses, webinars, personal coaching, and much more for 7 – 70 year olds. We will have information on both residential and commersial, positive – netural – negative and other types of gearing …

    So thats it 4 now Roy and I look forward to you contacting me for a meet regarding your reports and other stuff … thanks mate … Phil


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