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    we have purchased a 828 sqm residential section at Picton and we are wondering if sub division into 2 sections each of approx. 400 sqm is possible. We would then build on each of the “new” sections.

    Has anyone attempted this before and is there anything in particular I need to be aware of?



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    i dont know either mate, but i would assume your local council would know.

    give them a bell or email, and im sure they can tell you if it can be done, at least theoretically.

    as for having done a subdivision, i have not, but i reckon your on to something, because i want to get into developing triplexes, as they seem to have a fairly good return for those of us who are not gurus.

    cheers mate.

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    Hi Dave

    The Local council is usually the best place to start..

    However try asking the question on which is a NZ based forum.


    Join us at

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    I am really impressed with Rotorua’s council website where you can get zoning maps, aerial photos, rate details of individual properties and details about sub-divisions for zones. Check if there is a similar site for your target area.

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    many thanks for the responses. I’ll follow up those leads



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    talk to a surveyer and they will do a site inspection. if they say ‘yes probably can do it’ then let them do the site-plan and start the process, which goes in several stages, get them to cost that all out for you.
    also talk to an agent as to what sections are worth and how easy to sell, to figure out if this is a viable/profitable move.

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    why would you buy first and ask questions later?

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