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    Well I just spent 10 minutes doing a search on the forum and come up completely empty handed.

    Surely a recommendation for a top flight professional arguer in Perth has been asked before ??

    Generally looking for someone who’s ;

    1. Qualified
    2. Not a complete knobster
    3. In Perth
    4. Owns buku property themselves

    I know that’s alot to ask of lawyers, but perhaps someone knows of someone who once met someone who fits the bill ??

    Criteria # 2 is by far the most important.


    Darryl Moore

    “No point having a cake if you can’t eat it.”

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    Brett Davies at Brett Davies Lawyers (also runs the LawCentral website) would be a good option. Brett is well qualified holding a Bacehlor of Jurisprudence, Bachelor of Law, Masters of Law, Bachelor of Arts (Hons), MBA and is currently completing his PhD with his thesis being in asset protection.

    Well versed in trusts, property, etc. Have presented at a number of seminars held by the taxation institute of australia.

    Not cheap though. Hourly rates are $350 per hour.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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