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    does anyone know the steps involved in a private house sale.i can buy a house and the seller is willing to do a private sale and take what would have been the real estate agents commission off the price.

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    There’s no difference except one of you has to get a contract from somewhere. Have you spoken to a solicitor?

    All the agent does is match the buyer to the seller and get both signatures on the contract.

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    The only difference is, the solicitor will charge you more. Seeing he’ll have too do the real estate’s contract paperwork.


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    I sold a house direct to a nearby hospital and the conveyancing fees were no more that normal.

    However our solicitor does ok out of us overall.

    Ask your solicitor for a written costing.

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    I purchased a property direct from the vendor and did not have to pay extra solicitor’s fees. But I do have a good relationship with my solicitor, so I do not know if that’s the norm.

    Wouldn’t it be mainly the vendor’s solicitor’s fees going up?


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    Wouldn’t it be mainly the vendor’s solicitor’s fees going up?

    I was going to ask the same thing, Munjy.

    If I bought a house through a private sale, why should *I* have to pay extra solicitors fees?

    Shouldn’t the contract be made up before listing or advertising the house for sale?
    I thought it was the vendor’s responsibility to come up with a contract?


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    Hi Gattaga,
    The vendor/seller will be required to organise a contract through his/her solicitor.
    Before you sign have your solicitor look over the contract, insure the contract contains the subject to finance, building and pest inspection clause. Cheers.

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    Check out
    They only do conveyancing, i.e handle property transactions.

    It goes through the process of whats required from the both the buyers and sellers point of view.

    If the seller doesn’t have a contract of sale, they can prepare this for the seller. You could probably even go their together….ring them on 1800 678 462. Their contact info/address is on the website.

    And if the seller already does have a contract for sale, they will review the Contract, free of charge, advise you on the conditions of the agreement, alert you of any dangers and even negotiate changes for your benefit.

    Since your in nsw, these guys have offices in Lane Cove, Bondi Junction and Gladesville.

    Their fees are here:

    Even if you don’t use them, this will give you an idea of whats involved and the costs.

    hope this helps,

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