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    We were due to move into our first home (FHOG approved)in Darwin in 30 days time. My husband has just been offered a great winemakers job in New Zealand. Its a dream for us to do this. How do we handle this situation? What are our obligations….. Can we just leave it empty for the prescibed 6 months needed and then rent it out while we are away (3 year contract in N.Z ready to sign!!)


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    Some ideas.

    Contact the FHOG authority for the NT. Explain the situation. They may see this job move as grounds to retain the FHOG. After all it is still your home.

    Keep it for a year then repay the FHOG voluntarily. Should have saved the $7K by then or topup your loan. You will be able to use it for the next home.

    I am unaware as to whether keeping it empty as your home for 6 months constitutes occupancy – esp if they can prove you weren’t even in the country. Talking the the NT authority without identifying yourself may answer this one.

    Saying nothing and hoping noone notices may well be fraud.

    I would appreciate you keeping us informed as to what you discover.


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    Agree with MH, I would be surprised if you had to pay back the grant. Be honest and give them a call today.


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    I’ve heard of circumstances where the Govt. has allowed a person who has used the FHOG to keep it after geniunely not being able to fulfil the requirements.. I think one of the examples was someone who was planning on moving into their new home but ended up having to stay home to look after their mother who had been in a serious accident and needed special care. Best to check.

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