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    who’s larry.
    I may retire to the rsl for something to eat as I have a rsl badge any others bring there along.
    as for knawing into a chop and beer both will be at the rsl.
    see you around 3.45

    here to help

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    Where do you get an RSL badge? Didn’t know I need one to get cheep beer and chops… Always though that was part of the deal with RSL’s. Anyway, there is parking and a pub and a RSL all within walking distance, so see you there… Even though I am bouncing along on a bus on a Sunday, great fun?!


    ‘Stay Happy and you’ll be Perfectly Fine’ – Jack

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    I will be one of the late ones tomorrow but I will be there with the montes, or something.
    see you all then

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    today is the day… cant wait for those tim tams. Its a miserable rainy day, good thing we have somewhere inside to meet. see y’all there!

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    Good afternoon all,

    It certainly feels like we really know each other now that we have actually met.

    I have a few ideas for the next meeting, if everyone is interested in a next meeting but firstly, what’s everyone’s thoughts on the get together.

    Positives & Negatives??

    Roy H.
    L.R.E.A., Dip FS (FP)
    Guardian Property Specialists (GPS)

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    Check out other thread—sydney meeting was great.

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    Hi everyone,
    Unfortunately I have just read the posts re July and September meetings but would love to be included in the next meeting.
    Thanks Teach

    Just about to get into P/I in a large way with an aim to early retirement and having fun along the way.

Viewing 7 posts - 81 through 87 (of 87 total)

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