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    I’m 47 now.

    Wish I had thought about investing years ago, before spending 22 years working for the govt in a soul destroying environment.

    I plan to quit this job in the next 12 months, and work for myself part time, just so as to have an income while I pursue the property investing goal. I wish I had taken the plunge years ago, but the public service sucks you in, and the longer you’re in, the harder it is to leave. Another 8 years and then I could retire on a decent super salary, but I can’t face wasting any more of my precious life feeling resentful and wondering what if…..

    So here’s hoping the property investing works out, and that I can make enough to live well. Can’t say I plan on a time for retirement – hoping to make a success of investing and to keep on doing that for years to come.

    I’m looking forward to 2006, when I can kiss this job goodbye, do the things I really want to do with my time, and start living for “NOW”.

    I have found these forums to be really helpful with advice and ideas. To a property novice who is desperate (but confident) about making some major life changes, the info from the experienced investors is really appreciated.

    Annette [bow]

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    Hi Steve and others,

    I am currently 45 with an office in Sydney.

    Was an electrical engineer, now a developer and investor, mainly in QLD.

    I put Laguna on the map at age 29 (600mil project), now controlled by David Mariner from Melbourne.

    I have 3 books about to hit the market currently at the publishers with another 2 in the pipe line.

    We are developing a new education web-site and also

    I love property and developing plus I am building a new house in Hunters Hill which will be worth about $2.8 cash, no debt.

    I came from humble beginnings, am the youngest of 6 and my dad was a motor mechanic. I changed my career at 25 then went through the school of hard knocks to get where i am today, where ever that is.

    Your web site and contribution to the awareness of investing and wealth creation for average people should be highly commended. As to retiring i believe that as we evolve we change and should help others succeed and grow.

    Today we are faced with many challengers in life and not every body is equal, two of my secretaries developed cancer, 3 of my friends have lost loved ones at VERY young ages. All of this effects our investment decissions as well as past parential programing.

    In my mind investing is not a race to see how much you can get, or how many more you have than the next person, personal investing is setting targets for yourself in a time frame that is reasonable to you, then determining just how RICH and HAPPY you want to be in your own mind.

    Teach and prosper … resiwealth

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    Hi all 1.48 2.47.Now “semi-retired”,no “JOB” but always busy with reno’s and investing and any job’s i want to do.Still have 3 young kids at home. 3.I will just have an ongoing plan and look at everything that comes along.Lifesyle is important also keeping in good health. Regards Bill

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    1. am now 39.
    2. will never retire, but will work at my own pace.I heard early retirement is a killer.
    3. Financially free now.

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    Nice posts!

    Methinks Techno = Michael Whyte in 8 years time. Remarkable similarities…

    Resiwealth, nice post too! I’m gonna come see you some day soon. Like your style too much not to.


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