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    I’m new to this so please be gentle. I’m looking at a couple of 1 bed units, both in Launceston. One is asking 95k, what do you think it would rent for? The other is a cheapie that is already rented for $75/wk and is asking $65k. Is that price reasonable? What is the yield % on these kind of properties in todays market?


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    We all have to start somewhere!

    Go to to ascertain the rents on similar properties in the area you want to research. The rent on that other pty sounds a bit cheap? Any chance of increasing it?

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    SOunds pretty standard for Tas now. Around 5% seems to be common, maybe 7% if you look have some luck.

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    Hi Guys

    the best thing to do is to phone around some property managers and find out the real state of affairs regarding the rental market. Just because a property is renting at $75 per week doesn’t mean you would get that again, it maybe lower or higher.
    Property managers will also be able to give you a general feel for rental demand and prices. Find out from them what is slow to rent and why.

    regards westan

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