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    I have been a reader of these forums for a while but so far have made few posts – still getting the hang of things! I was wondering if there are many people in Perth (WA) on currently developing property and if they could maybe give me a few pointers.

    I would love to have a chat with a few like minded souls.


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    Not devaloping in Perth as yet but south west metro and south west.
    There are it seems opportunities on opportunity out there

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    I belong to a group of property investors here in Perth and would be glad to introduce you to fellow members. Many of us are either doing subdivisions already and/or renovations although I don’t believe anyone has tackled a development on its own as yet.

    If you wish to take me up on this offer please email [email protected]

    kind regards

    Cindy Henderson

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    You might like to PM Apostle from this forum he is the King of the West

    Cheers Richard
    richard at
    Email me for details of our Qld wrap CD which gives you a full Installment Contract.

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    Hi Cindy,

    Do you have meetings? I would be very keen to meet up with like minded people in Perth.
    I’m just working on my first property and trying to find the next one, have seen lots of interesting things I’d love to discuss with you and the other members.



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    Hi Pegasus,
    I’m in the process of building 2 houses and about to start my 3rd and would love to catch up with other people in Perth doing similiar and share anything I’ve learnt (some things the hard way!)
    I was thinking of a regular get together of like minded people would be excellent. Share ideas, experience and provide some extra motivation to stick at it.
    What development projects are you looking at doing?
    Cheers, H

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    Ausprop is a wealth of Information for the Perth Market..

    Anyone from Perth going to Craig TURNBULLS seminar at the Burswood; looks like good value..i’ll be going is the website or iaspire i think from memory..i’ll have a look and post elsewhere on the forum


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