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    I am doing some learning based on a relatively large residential development (way out of my league – but very interesting).

    It is a flat 8 hectare site being developed into 100 residential allotments, with about 20000 sqm of roads (including footpaths, verge etc), 10000 sqm of reserves and 50000 sqm worth of allotments.

    Anyone know rough budget estimates for building roads and connecting services etc.?

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    I would contact council.
    I had a relative develop in the bush requiring road access and electricity and phone etc etc. They were lucky as they worked at the council and was able to obtain all basic cost structures from there – who you know etc. Make an appointment with a planner or project manager from the council which you learning related to. Good luck.

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    There are companies that provide reports of construction costs (materials & labour).

    Reeds is one I can think of, but I know there are a couple of others, though their names have slipped my mind.

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    Allow $25,000 per block, thats what we do.

    I live in the so called bush, a hundred k’s from Cairns in North Queenaland.

    My calculations:- you may only get about 70 allotments out of 80,000 M2, all depends on the size the town plan allows.

    3.5 – 800 M2 blocks per acre, and 80,000 M2 = 20 acres.

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