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    I was wondering if anyone on here went to one of Westan’s seminars on the US. Any comments?

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    Hi APerry,

    Yes, I attended the Melbourne meeting and found it most helpful! I think Alvin and Westan did a great job getting the event organised. Investing in the US is very complex. It’s completely different to investing here in Aus, or even New Zealand. It’s not something you’d jump right into without doing thorough research first.


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    I went tonight in Sydney and thoroughly enjoyed it. The team offer a fantastic service – basically, they buy/renovate/improve/ and onsell to you a perfectly done-up and ready to go 20 percent plus yielding property. They have 14 years or so market knowledge and know every suburb and every street, there is basically the whole thing ready to go. It just makes it so easy. There is no ‘fee’ as such because it’s built into the price. Basically where they make their money is by doing the work so you don’t have to. Something you could maybe save a few grand on if you did it yourself, but would you have the market knowledge to do it yourself?

    probably not, local people for local knowledge has always been one of my mottos (actually I got this from forum member and friend FamilyFirst) and these guys have it.

    Plus, they have the cute God-Bothering factor, so if that means anything to you, they really do mean well. All profits from the seminar, anything above the costs, they are going to donate to charity.

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    I also went to the Sydney seminar and found it very interesting. Not for the faint hearted or nervous types, but sounds viable, especially if you have the equity to buy outright. For us its worth further investigation.


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    Hello all

    I am not familiar with the seminars that were held recently but I am actually a part of a network of brokers/investors that buy and sell properties in the US.

    I know first hand that the returns on many properties range from 25% to 35% and sometimes more.

    I recently just missed out on a property being sold for $1.6M that had an annual return of $1M.

    There is a literal gold mine of investment opportunity available if you have the connections and the local knowledge.

    If anyone’s interested in US property info drop me a line.

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