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    This seminar coming up on Wealth Creation may interest some of you here, check out all the details at


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    I’ve already parted with my moolah for the Brisbane weekend… See y’all there…

    Nobleone. [biggrin]

    “Making mistakes is just another another tool for learning.”

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    The line up sure looks appealing.
    I just hope it is not a serious of ‘free seminars’ with a huge back-end upsell for thier individual courses etc.
    I guess I will see it for myself at the Melb event…

    …Beware of the dreamtakers…

    BTW – I was part of the MAP Program and am more than happy to answer and questions/comments you may have – Happy Investing…

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    Looks like reasonable value…

    I just wish someone would tell the seminar promoters that I am sick of the super long, buy-the-template-fill-in your-blurb “brochures” that always start, “Dear Friend” (and that is usually followed by “Monday 10.03 am” or similar) and then proceed to reel off paragraph after paragraph of usually unsubstantiated hype about the event as if they are too scared to tell you the cost, date, venue etc. Someone needs to tell them we consumers feel like they think we are suckers when they use these standard marketing techniques.

    And pleeeezzz, do they really think they have found the “secrets” of the wealthy that nobody else knows about? Why don’t they just say, we think we hve some info and experience you might find valuable to your own investing situation so why don’t you come along and see if it’s useful to you?

    Anyway, my no.2 post after Masterclass Steve…

    skippygirl :0

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    Adding on, there is more than one way to skin a cat (to do something).

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