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    Well i just wanted the world to know that its 31 in Invercargill, and 29 in Balclutha.

    Auckland is only 27 and windy Wellington is 25. I’m saying this because poor of Invercargill gets paid out for its weather all the time often by members of this forum (yes you minimogul).

    Just a tip off we who live down the bottom of the South Island are using as much CFC’s as we can get our hands on, we are all for global warming and the greenhouse effect!
    Yep i can see the Bottom of the South Island becoming the next Gold Coast. All we need is the weather to improve by about 8 degrees , no make that 12 degrees.

    regards westan

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    Farenheit or Celcius??[wink]

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    Hi Westan
    I was going to pack my overcoat when I come over later this month.Now I,m not sure what to pack.Mayby the swimmers and the overcoat.

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    or as the locals might say … maybe the togs and Swannie.


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    Westan Westan Westan, when you start raving about the weather in Invercargill I KNOW you are definitely getting to little sunshine down that way!!!! We are having 36 odd degrees and truckloads of humidity up Brissy way – was 39 on neighbours thermometer day before yesterday….. I would love 31 and dry!!! rather than the steam bath it feels like up here at the moment!!!

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    I think Invercargill has mailed its weather to Melbourne..

    What the heck is going on here? Isn’t it supposed to be SUMMER here?

    As for Invercargill, sure it’s 31 degrees, but isn’t there a wind-chill factor of -30 degrees there anyway? ;)

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    Just to add to Westan’s post, I was in Invercargill for the past 2 days and it was cold and rainy :( I thought I had escaped the unpredicatable summer in Melbourne, but I guess I was wrong. Ah well, look on the bright side, as I was leaving Invercargill this morning the sun decided to come up and now in Dunedin it’s pretty warm and sunny :)


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    Hi All
    I tend to agree with Westan if everyone comes to Invercargill with a dozen or so spray cans we maybe able to raise the temp a bit and turn it into the NZ Gold coast. Just think of all the money we could make selling all our investment properties to the unsuspecting Japanese, we could all be millionaires.
    Got to make hay while the sun shines, unfortunately that doesn’t happen much in Invercargill.

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