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    Hi Guys

    Many of you have property in Tokoroa.

    Please note that Kathy Chappell formerly of Century 21 is now working for Harveys.

    Business Ph No is 07 886 8064
    Cell Phone 021 886 088

    Address: Leith Place, Tokoroa, New Zealand


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    Who do you think is the best manager in Tokoroa and why?


    – Steve McKnight

    P.S. Any news about the latest with the mill?

    Steve McKnight | Pty Ltd | CEO

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    Hi Steve

    There are only 3 REs in Tokoroa and they all operate property management.

    In the space of 12 months the 3 companies have changed their PMs.

    Harvey’s have had 3 with Kathy the latest having moved over from C21. I don’t know why.

    The office lady at C21 is studying for her RE Licence.

    I mainly have only dealt with Kathy. She managed one of our rentals.
    The tenant wasn’t too happy with her because she was “too fussy.”

    Kathy isn’t allowed to take her old clients with her and that is the reason I posted.
    She was saying today that there are plenty of vacanies at the moment.

    The mill is working flat out setting a new production record in 2004.

    Everyone is waiting to see where CHH are going to build their new $150m mill.

    I’ve noticed in my walks around the town that there appear to be a lot of newly painted houses about which has certainly spruced the town up.


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    Hi all,

    All I can add, is that we have used Lamberton’s for the last 18 months or so.

    We have found their property management section to be great. Especially when you require maintenance on your property. They are like an “all in one” shop. They have a maintenance company attached to Lamberton’s so the waiting time for repairs is very quick. They also give me written inspection reports frequently on maintenance required on my properties.

    I wish every RE Agency was as good as this one!


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    Try for Lambertons.

    Also, once you have four properties in your portfolio in Tokoroa, the property management fee drops about 1.5% for each of the properties, so it’s important to choose and stick with one company to get the break in management fees.

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    I agree with the sentiments here, Kathy Chappell and Lamberton’s are both the most highly recommended rental managers that I hear spoken about in NZ investor circles for Tokoroa.
    at the end of the day, you need a rental manager that is honest with you, remains in contact, replies quickly to enquiries and concerns you have, doesn’t muck around on maintenance (keeps tenant happy), and does what you need doing to get the optimal result from your investment. Both of these rental managers are well reported by several plus Aussies for being just that…..

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