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    do you ever get the feeling that life is too easy. a bit too cruisy. sure we have our little ups and downs – not enuf sex, too much sex, boss is a goose, wife doesnt listen, investments going a little sidewards, baby boomners are annoying etc etc – but as a whole we have it pretty bloody good.

    i cant help but look at the sacrifices that my parents made through there lives (im first generation) and then i try and compare my sacrifices and they just dont match up.

    theres every chance im being hard on myself, but i must admit that when im 70 and looking back on my life i can only hope to truely understand some of the real sacrifices that some people make every day of there lives……my parents included..

    in my household we are currently discussing such momentus things like childcare, and housecleaning and jims mowing and i cant help but wonder what the older generation must think of my problems….

    i think ill go kiss my daughter goodnight

    merry christmas!!

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    Life isnt that easy – it’s been very tough but never as tough as what my parents had it…they made alot of sacrifices

    when ur 70, your children will be thinking the same thing unless your extremely wealthy and don’t need to make any sacrifices,

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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