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    Be careful of Aussie ‘investors’ and their ‘companies’ trying to sell you +CF deals in NZ.

    Im a very open-minded person so I heard the ad on the radio and invited the gentleman to come over. He came seeing me young and vulnerable (or so he thought) trying to sell me supposedly +CF deals with a 10% deposit and wanted me to secure my other investments against these supposedly +CF apartments which were to be completed in 2 years time. The apartmenst were in excess of $200k rising to $500k.

    He kept saying that all these apartments were +CF with a 4-7% return on a 10% deposit. He didn’t know the first thing about calculating +CF properties and I said to him, “Looks like all you’re after is your commission”. He shows you this Huge flip page book with all pictures of the apartment, promising all these incentives with the apartment. I asked him if he checked with the council if other aprtments were to rise next to it blocking any views for which he shrugged off my question. He became very annoyed when I told him that I’ll secure an apartment for $1000 only.

    I proved to him that he and the company he was working for were misleading the public and their advertisements were totally wrong and misleading and tried showing him how to calculate +CF when he got up, slammed his book and left my house.

    They didn’t have a website but want you sign nonethless…

    Please be very careful and cautious when dealing with other investor companies, especially ones trying to sell you apartment deals in NZ.

    I can write the name of the company here – but thought, it might create some heated problems.


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    Thanks for the warning George! Yeh, that sounds dodgy! Good thing you outsmarted them :)


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