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    I’ve got a question. What’s the best way to buy a property interstate? Do you go and visit it? Or take a punt and buy without inspecting it?

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    Would you buy a pair of shoes without trying them on? a car w/o a test drive? or a spouse w/o……….

    No-one likes rhetorical questions but you would have to be mad to buy a property without setting foot inside.

    How many of us have seen stunning photos on the net and arrived at the inspection to find the place shares a wall with a brothel, smells of beastiality and backs on to a shooting gallery?

    Forgetting the fact that you may buy badly, property ownership exposes you to serious liability and to take such a risk so lightly is as good as giving up your right to complain when it sends you bankrupt.

    But on the upside you could really make the vendors day…..

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    Another option if you are pressed for time or inclination to travel interstate is to look at a buyers agent. I agree Captain to an extent… you wouldn’t want to buy totally site unseen, but persoally I would be confortable if someone representing me had seen it.

    Often if you are buying interstate, or especially overseas, it is cheaper to pay someone else to do it than to do it yourself, after taking everything into account.


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