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    I’m looking for someone, or a company that will find me suitable applicants to buy my property (Bankstown, NSW) under vendor finance terms. Can anyone help here?

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    Hi Weave

    Just interested. Are you just looking to contract out this function or are you looking for for an individual/company to do this for you becasue you’ve had a few “challenges” getting people interested so far?

    Cheers, Paul

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    You can put an ad in the Sydney Morning Herald real estate section and advertise vendor finance available. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who would be interested in purchasing this way. I don’t know of any companies that would find you purchasers specifically for vendor finance though.

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    Not having done a wrap (as yet), I did however some ‘test’ advertisements looking for possible prospects.

    I would say that the problem doesn’t lie so much in finding buyers as finding the right kind of property at the right price.

    I realise Weave that I am not really answering your question here.

    However 1Hotvaluer has already mentioned one excellent way.

    You could also try to find someone through a mortgage broker.

    Print some business cards and call on a few brokers in your area.


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    Thanks Pices and 1hotvaluer- I will put an ad in the paper if i cant find someone to do this for me, but for now I will keep looking to contract this task out.


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    For the business cards go to as they give you free cards and you just pay for the postage. About $9.00 US. takes 3 weeks but the cards look great. Use the US site not the Aussie site as you only get 100 free cards on the Aussie site not 250 like the US.

    Good Luck.


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