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    anyone recomend a pro-active Property manager in northern Perth?
    PS wouldn’t recommend agency with initials PG

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    Most PM’s seem to be second class R/E agents, there are probally some great one’s out there, but where…

    And the PM’s iv’e come across of late don’t seem to stay in the position too long.. so a good one’s worth her weight ( is it only me… or are most PM’s female )


    “The man that thinks at 5o as he did when he was 20 has wasted 30 years of his life”

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    Hi Phil and Redwing,

    I think I have someone for you. Peta Hall of PFT property services 0417 949 146. She runs her own PM.

    She is the type of person that you would be fearful of as a tenant, and happy as an owner. She has been doing it for 25 years, and I only recommend her as she gets the job done.

    Hope this helps.

    David Femia

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    yes, well, we have had two bad experiences with PM’s, one within a RE agency, one a dedicated PM company…. so we
    looked elsewhere and when you look for something, it comes
    to you…. through conversation we were put onto a lady who
    does Landlord Consulting. very good. very thorough, can’t complain at all. JMAC Landlord Consulting. worth a call if you’re looking for a good PM i say.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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