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    Some very good points there snowflake!

    I think besides the obvious bargain hunting…the best thing a person can do is DIY jobs… working in the industry myself i know exactly how much labour costs these days!



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    Some top ideas in this thread.
    Must admit we have been great fans of garage sales and the Quokka as well.
    Well lets see, what can I add.
    We found a relatively local sand quarry where they were not only selling off the sand by the truckload but they were taking in truckloads of builders rubble to fill the quarries up. As a side business they sold the bricks back to anyone who wanted them. We cleaned up! New bricks at a fraction of the new cost. Nothing wrong with them. We did lots of paving with paver bricks and rendered the building bricks. ( Salamones in Lansdale in Perth).

    We also sourced bricks at another time from council landfills. I found those sites just by ringing the council and asking where the trucks were dumping the builders rubble.
    The other place we regularly check out is the council recycling centre. We have sourced wood for odd fix it jobs ( usually free), doors, windows (less than $10 each), metal colourbond fencing at $4 a sheet, great when you only have a small job to do like side return fences.
    We have also got rid of excess sand by driving around and locating a block advertising for fill and that saved a lot on dumping charges.
    We have also bought seconds limestone blocks to construct great terraced garden beds. They are half the cost of “firsts”.

    A free find was achieved by pulling buffallo lawn runners from neighbours overgrown gardens and I handplanted every blessed one on a ridiculously large 1500 sqm block ( don’t recommend you try it)! [biggrin]

Viewing 2 posts - 41 through 42 (of 42 total)

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