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    hey guys,
    does anyone know when the reserve bank is meeting again?

    secondly whats the predictions interest rates up /down or stable???

    thanks guys

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    They meet the first Tuesday of every month and announce their decision at approx 9am the following day (Weds).

    I reckon in Feb rates will stay the same. The $A is too high. Too much pressure now on our exporters and local manufacturers. But they may still be a little worried about our consumer spending and trying to deflate the property market a little more.

    Ok. So its a bit each way.

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    I believe interest rates will remain stable for some time, Stability seems to be all the go with the RBA for a while now. I believe they will just threaten to lift rates and let the media do the rest. Making us believe rates are going up is almost as good as actually putting them up.
    It’s called the “Claytons” interest rate rise!!!!!

    Mick INC

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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