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    G’day to the Forum…

    I was right the other day when I first posted “Enough is Enough”. Steve, I thank you for your efforts in trying to resolve the petty issues that have surfaced in recent days.

    When I think about it, that’s the way it’s been since day one. It can be so frustrating to sit up until 3:00am completing 9 page Mortgage Programs for someone in strife/ or seeking a better alternative…….. to get online at PI.Com at 10:00am and discover that even after answering 1200 odd emails and God Knows how many hours, I am under attack once again.” And Bill’s not here yet”
    I can only put it down to ego… we all have one and I’m certainly no exception. Why in the name of God do we have to have the suspicious knockers?

    I am bloody sure that when some of you reach your goals you will want to do charity work and “give a bit back”. Well guess what folks… what the hell do you think I’ve been doing here for the past 8-9 weeks?

    For a little while I thought I could just ignore it and continue… but I have never done anything half hearted in my life. In fact, I can think of a time when that attitude saved my life!

    One thing I’m not, is a faker… because I can’t lie or pretend to my supporters, critics or myself, that everything is okay when it’s not.

    I guess when you’re 56 you look at life a bit differently….you start to think that… geez, if I’m lucky I can achieve things in life for maybe another 10-15 years at best. Where did all those years go? Have I really done my best?

    That’s when you realise past events and people have moulded you into what you are today. Appropriate or not.. I leave you with a link to my past that has definitely influenced my thinking and my life over the past 30 odd years..

    Vietnam 1969

    For my contribution in above link including Photo I took… Binh Ba scroll down towards the bottom when you get the page up.

    Then on a lighter note…

    Read …. “Robbo” and “Thank God For Officers”
    plenty of good yarns here, all worth a read.

    Cheers for now, and it’s been fun while it lasted. Yeah, I know this has got nothing to do with Property… so what…it’s all about people.


    Bill O’Mara

    Bill O’Mara

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    [:O] Bill I fully understand why you want to say goodbye, but I feel sad you’re leaving. [:(]
    You have given me such good advice on the forum, it helped me make the right decision. Gee I will miss your input!

    All I want to say is you’re a wonderful person and I wish you lots of luck and happiness for the future.
    [:)] Warm wishes, Celivia [:)]

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    Hi Bill,

    Can I let you in on a little secret??

    Ever since you joined this forum, you reminded me a bit of my father, he has a similiar “bull at a red rag attitude”, which is fine, (but not if you’re his daughter, sometimes).[:I]

    Then I found out that you had served in the Army in Vietnam. I could tell where the resembelence comes from. My father was a life long Army man also, a bit before your time. He served in Malaysia etc. He is now retired of course, however, he still works tirelessly for his local RSL Club, and tries to help all of his mates and their families.

    I can see that you have a lot of fond memories, of your true friends, some still here, some probably long gone.

    I also served in the WRAAC, but it was just a game for me. Never left Australia. (THANK GOODNESS). However, I do now share the feeling of pride, of our Australian soldiers achievements.

    This probably doesn’t make much sense to most people, but as Bill said, “it’s all about people”.

    So true,

    Take care Bill,

    Del [;)]

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    It’s sad to see you go.

    From what I have seen in the last few weeks, you have been one of the most generous and knowledgeable contributor to the forum. You will be missed.

    Thank you for giving your time and your advice so generously.

    I admire your integrity and your knowledge, and wish you all the best in your future activities.

    Cheers for now [:(]


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    Hi Bill

    Are you really gone for good? I thought you already sorted things out with Steve & agreed to stay! I’ve learnt heaps from your posts along side with Steve and others’. You spent endless time to give out good advice. We appreciate you for that so why leave??? I think Mini or any of us in this forum is entitled to ask you or Steve or anyone else questions regarding issues that we are not clear on what they mean. Even once or twice I thought your jokes were real and felt uncomfortable with! You only need to clarify Mini’s concerns. It can be resolved with simple answers.

    I believe, to some extends, Steve and his team are responsible for the welfare of the forumies. I have a bad habit of believing blindly in people. I got burned a couple of times. I can’t change but I teach my children not to do the same.

    When you do something good and believe in it, you should stick with it. Don’t just drop them all off just because of someone doubts about you. We need different ideas from different people to be able to see Property Investment as a whole. You are a great contributor I hope you soon change your mind.



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    Can’t say I blame you, mate.

    I’ve been following Steve since his first websites, been a PAID member of his first online forum (not cheap), and always enjoyed my time and learning… until now.

    It has become more and more difficult to get up the effort to come to this site lately.

    The number of negative posts and annoying knockers has really lowered the tone of this forum.

    I guess when you become famous enough to gather lots of people to you, you’re gonna get some ‘bad apples’ as well.

    Maybe the solution is to cull out the ‘bad apples’ by charging a nominal subscription to belong to this club?

    Anyway, good luck!


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    Hi Jason,

    The forum is heading back on track. Have a look at the ‘congratulate an achiever’ post, all positives there. Perhaps you might have someone to congratulate as well.

    Cheers and thanks for you thoughts
    Soosh [:)]

    When a problem is created the solution is created simultaneously

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