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    Hi everyone!! I’m back in the saddle after a bit of an absence whilst sorting myslef out back here in Perth, and some news… CREMIN COMES HOME ON WEDNESDAY!!! WOOHOO!!! Can’t wait!!

    But, the reason I am writing this post is… When will the government realise that with an aging population they will have to start encouraging people to having more children. I am personally of a baby bearing age and would love to be paid to have children so as to boost our population to help provide for the oldies in the future.

    I am I mad to suggest the govenment should pay women to have children? I am in the opinion that with the baby boomers getting a great deal odler and living much longer, and the cost of the general living, we as a country do need another surge of baby production otherwise we will not be able to provide for our elderly.

    Me? I would love to have babies and be paid for it… I can always go back to my career. Oh, just had another thought… Otherwise let more immigrants in the country that are from the age of 18-35 years old and that are skilled!

    I dunno, maybe my ideas are a bit screwed up or I am hitting the nail on the head. Give me your opinions.


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    Welcome back Steph,

    I think the government is fully aware of this problem. They try to solve it by encouraging us to put more money into Superannuation so we can support ourselves in the old age.

    Another way to do is as what you wrote but it needs more time to find the best approach. The government has to find funding without taking from other areas in need. I fully support this program because through my experience I know how hard it is to look after babies & to work fulltime at the same time.

    In many countries there is a tradition of children taking care of their old age parents. This is a good way but it depends on individual finance & commitments. How to promote this idea in this country is another matter. We have been supporting our mother in law for over 25 years, from the time we were still students till now, into my retirement. Nevertheless, we try to plan well for our retirement because we don’t want to become a burden to our children or the government. By saying this I’m still fully aware of many people who can’t afford to do so.

    Just to share my thoughts.



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    Hi guys,
    You’re right we do have to prepare for our own retirements and I think that most of the people in this forum are working on doing just that.

    I would like to say that I have done my share in the population stakes. I’ve increased the population by four! I had some help from hubby too.
    So that should be 4 more people paying taxes in ten years or so. That’s if they can find a job of course.
    Actually, if I train them right, they shouldn’t be paying too much in tax after all.
    Hmmmm, I’ll have to re-think that.

    Keep Smiling,

    Sue [:)]

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    I dont know…personally I dont think the government should “pay” women to have kids.
    I really wanted kids…now I have 2 princesses..I would NEVER want another one. I just couldnt cope!! LOL

    If a woman really feels she would like another child..or even her first…a government payout shouldnt be a deciding factor. I never got paid to have kids…..and they couldnt pay me enough to have a child now!! Thats just my own personal opinion. Put more funds into hospitals and schools….kids need them.[:D]

    on a side note…I bet you are looking forward to wednesday!! Its not long now [:D]

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    Hey – I’m all for incentives as my wife is due to go at any moment…

    But in reality, I’d be worried that this might start a welfare mentality that more kids = more money and that this may have the opposite impact to what is wanted.

    I would have thought that sponsored child care would be a better idea for those what want to work but have kiddlywinks to care for. That way, those with jobs can keep them.

    Not sure what the social implications of this are long-term though.

    My 2 cents is that the government will do:

    A. Tax into superannuation reserves to fund Medicare and public sector debt; and

    B. Raise the GST so that those on pensions pay more tax, even if they are not sick.


    Steve McKnight

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    Success comes from doing things differently

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    unless you can “wrap” kids… They can live at the new parents house and use their finances, until the age of 18. Then you can get them back.

    LOL [:D]


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    what you have worked for !.” (Author: Me)

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    isnt there, or wasnt there already a $1000 baby bonus or something?


    NICE ONE BRUVA!! Nice One Bruv! nice one

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    LOL, love it Arty !!

    I’d persoanlly like to get a newborn, wrap it 18mths, then get it back about the same time they are old enough to pay board… [:P]

    On a serious note, i really worry about the future of superannuation. I still have more than 25 years to go, (if i’m not as smart as think and have to work to 55) and i don’t believe there will be any “payout” when i retire. Instead i think i will get an indexed pension, which i have paid for. For this reason i refuse to pay anything above my employers compulsory contributions…

    My goal is to have enough properties to provide me with a comfortable lifestyle in retirement.
    Perhaps the Government could cut us some slack on charges until you own say half a dozen properties ??


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    Kind of make you wonder how we all got here in the first place before people were paid to have kids.

    I don’t think people should be paid to have kids. Too many already are. The more you give peopele the more they will think it is there right to receive it.

    There is also scientific concern about maximum sustainable population levels due to fresh water limits, agricultural land usage rates etc. There are finite levels on what we can sustain as a country, and I’ve seen figures that suggest we are already above that.


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    Mr Fatboy

    If you are expecting the government to look after you in your old age you are in for a dissapointment. Got to build your own retirement fund as the maths will not work when you get older. Not enough younger people to look after older people like me!

    People should learn to handle their own super as the so called “funds” that do it now will only trash it going forwards!

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