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    HI all, I’m seeking some feedback please. I’m considering purchasing a buy and hold prop. in an area that does flood occasionally. Last time 5 years ago- all up 5 times in 132 years. Cost is about 60K and rent return is about $120 pw. Therefore cashflow positive. The house was built in the 1870’s- hardwood everything and restumped with concrete stumps. Suprisingly the structure seems fine and good rental from all other criteria. Ofcourse it’s the flood thing that bothers me but apparantly people from this town just lift up the rugs and hose off and start again. I’m wondering about insurance implications and anything else I should consider? Thanks

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    I’d certainly be considering this, but only provided:

    1. I could get insurance (you’ll need to ring around and spell out that the property is on a flood plain)

    2, I could get finance. No doubt some places will knock you back on the basis that it floods.

    Again, this is a matter of phone calls to various lenders.


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    Success comes from doing things differently

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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