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Tips and Tricks for Developers: How Design Elements Impact the Finished Product

Date: 01/03/2017

In this installment of Tips and Tricks for Developers, Dean Parker walks through a high-end townhouse development to highlight how design finishes can impact your final profit.

Video Transcript

Hi. Welcome to our latest video blog. I’m Dean Parker from Your Style Homes and today we’re going to talk about design elements and how they can have a big impact on the finished product.

We’ll start by looking at this project behind me; one my friend has been working on and just finished. We’ll compare it to the project beside it.

You can see really easily just in the design elements alone how the two projects differ completely. One’s got a whole heap of detailing on the outside. It dresses it up, makes it look more appealing. The one next door, it’s really just a box. It’s got some render on the outside, and glass that’s even mismatched between the blue and the white. It’s not appealing at all. That’s just the first thing we can see that’s really simple that will make this project a whole lot more appealing and a whole lot easier to sell.

Now we’ll go inside this property and have a look around. Keep in mind, these are high-end townhouses, valued at around $3 million each. We’ll see the level of finish that’s gone into these and we can have a look at some of those design elements I’m talking about that will make this project stand out.

I’ve walked in the front gate and the first thing I’ve noticed is we’ve got paving instead of concrete, which is entry level, or exposed aggregate, which might be mid-level. These here are actual pavers so that dresses it up a lot more. We’ve got established plants that are layered nicely. We’ve also got some garden lighting. The first impression you get when you walk through the gate is everything’s dressed up that little bit more.

The first thing I notice inside, we’ve got floor-to-ceiling windows, which obviously lets in a lot more light and makes the space feel a lot bigger. This is a big entry. You obviously can’t afford this amount of space in every single home, especially in an apartment. The other upgrade that I notice here is the floating timber stairs. Rather than a standard staircase, this dresses the place up just that little bit more. Let’s go check out the upstairs.

All right. Bathrooms sell properties. The main features in here again from an upgrade point of view are the double vanities. It’s always nice to have a double vanity in your en suite. We’ve got plenty of cupboard space underneath. There are also lights over the vanity, which is always a nice thing. I think one of the main features in here is this herringbone pattern tile. I think that really dresses this bathroom up. It could be quite plain, but that’s a real feature. It wouldn’t be overly expensive to do that either. There’s plenty of room in here. This is again another luxury feature to have this much room, as well as to have a freestanding bath. All of these elements are definitely important.

All right. Here we are in the kitchen. The first thing I noticed here is the timber floor. This is a real timber floor. That obviously gives warmth to the environment and is definitely an upgrade. I think timber is probably the nicest feel out there at the moment.

We’ve got this kitchen behind us. It’s reasonably standard. You can see the laminate board and standard handles. There’s a nice tile in the background there. I think the key upgrade feature here is a 900 mm wide appliance pack with the cooktop and the oven. Also, you can see this nice chunk of timber here. This dresses the whole kitchen up and brings a wow factor to the entire kitchen.

I hope this has been a helpful update. I think it’s always important to try and bring as many elements into your design features as you possibly can. All these little things do add up. If you get it right, that’s when your project becomes really easy to sell and you can make a whole lot more money.

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By Dean Parker

Dean Parker is the Managing Director at Your Style Homes. After completing a Bachelor of Commerce and Science, he spent time working as an accountant and IT specialist but discovered his true passion in 2004 when he and his wife Elise renovated their first home. Fast forward to today and Dean has been involved in almost 300 real estate transactions worth almost $70 million dollars, including renovating 200+ dwellings and developing 105 new

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