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How much will my bathroom renovation cost?

Date: 12/01/2014

How much will my bathroom renovation cost?So that 1980s wallpaper and water guzzling toilet are no longer working for you and you desperately want a bathroom makeover. Where do you begin? How much will it cost?

Well, as with any renovation, begin your bathroom renovation with a detailed plan. What are your objectives? Is the new bathroom meant to appeal to you or potential buyers? Is it a family bathroom or a guest bathroom? How much traffic will it see?

Next, decide what existing features you can use. Can you leave the structure of the plumbing the same to save on major reconstructive changes?

Think about lighting, power points and counter space. Deciding targets from the beginning will save you expensive changes mid-renovation.

Take meticulous measurements to determine exact space and what could be feasibly created there.

Setting the parameters for your project will give you an end goal. From here, you can determine the materials and fixtures you will need and work out a budget for your bathroom renovation.

Balance is the key

bathroom renovation balance is the keyDepending on the degree of your renovation, your bathroom remodel could cost you hundreds to several thousands of dollars.

It is important to find a midpoint compromise when it comes to buying durable bathroom materials and ‘just good enough’ quality to get the job done.

Based on your end goal, you should be able to take a sober look at what it will take to get there.

Here are a few tips to remember in keeping your bathroom renovation cost down:

  • Buying wholesale or online can save you a substantial amount of money, but it is important to be aware of the risks associated with buying something you have only seen in photos.
  • Tiles can be used for flooring as well as a decorative backsplash.
  • Mirrors can maximise lighting and make the room seem larger.
  • Remember to practice good planning and find a balance to ensure your bathroom remodel is a resounding success.
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By Steve McKnight

Steve McKnight, the founder of, is a respected property investing authority as well as Australia's #1 best-selling business author.


  1. Kathleen l

    This is a great post to get us going on the bathroom reno's. I have been a bit scared to start the process but I think this will help. It seems to very different to approach a renovation from an IP perspective compared to a PPOR. It is easier to choose when it's for yourself. When it's for others its easier to second guess yourself – does this this colour appeal to the masses?Or are these fittings to cheap looking for my target market ?

    Perhaps I need to make friends with some bathroom guru's ?

    Thanks again for the blog. If anyone has any further idea's please add…..


  2. annp

    Hello Kathleen,
    For years I have been renovating for profit.  If I do not have a definite idea of fittings to put in I simply ask the suppliers what is their most popular range and purchase what most people are buying at that time.  It has worked well for me.  I hope this helps.

  3. howardgradyy

    Very helpful tips provided here for bathroom remodeling! Inexperience professional can cost a lot for such renovation and in the end working result will be not satisfying. Therefore I think following such practices anyone can renovate their home bathrooms nicely. Thanks. <moderator: delete advertising>

  4. Phil

    Neither the article itself, nor any of the subsequent posts answer the question.

    If you do it carefully, mainly yourself, 6 grand.
    If you use some tradies 9 grand.
    If you back off and let a builder do it, 17 grand.

    There. And for your information, I’m, not only a license low rise builder and a chartered surveyor, I’m also employed as an estimator.
    Don’t muck about – just answer the question.

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