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    Hi Mark,

    Congrats. You are the first one to the forum.

    This will be a good exercise for you since you haven’t purchased property before and I think you are on the right track.

    To answer your questions…

    Asking Price


    It is currently tenanted on a month to month basis at $120 per week. Tenants have good references, but there is no formal lease in place as they are friends of the vendor.


    I don’t have a title, but having been through the property I can say that there isn’t much street frontage, but the property runs very deep. There are two bedrooms at the front, two down the passage, and then a living room that runs into the kitchen with a bathroom / laundry out the back. The place has off street parking and a small to medium back yard.

    What’s nearby?

    House is on the fringe of a light industrial area. Some car workshops around, but residential area runs down the street away from the light industrial area.

    Generally a good location that would appeal to tenants aged 20 – 40, not a great family home though. More of a communal living type of place.

    Any other questions?


    Steve McKnight

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Viewing 1,701 post (of 1,701 total)