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  • PeterinBrisbane replied to the topic Locations for cashflow + properties in the forum General Property 10 years ago

    In smaller areas the question of where your next tenant will come from becomes harder to answer.  And your 5% property now could well be a 6% property in two years, keep your long term eye open.

  • PeterinBrisbane replied to the topic Premium Private Wealth in the forum Help Needed! 10 years ago

    I just happened across the site which seems excellent, and saw comments that needed further comment.  I note that whilst others seek to denigrate me, they have not been able to refute my comments – suspicious?   I've been in business for nearly 40 years and have learned that if you decline an opportunity because the other side makes a profit you…[Read more]

  • PeterinBrisbane replied to the topic Negatives with Commercial real estate? in the forum Commercial Property 10 years ago

    First thing to consider is how easy it would be to find a replacement tenant.  The value of the tenancy determines the value of the property.  A multi tenant property reduces the risk, such as a small suburban shopping centre or multi tenant showroom.  

  • The rental commission paid to agents is so small that they can't afford to allocate the time necessary to each property, or to problems before they occur.  Search for a personal recommendation for an agent or be prepared to do it yourself.  Make sure you have tenant's insurance. 

  • PeterinBrisbane replied to the topic Premium Private Wealth in the forum Help Needed! 10 years ago

    Following Mark Coburn's advice nobody would ever buy a house because the real estate agents work for the seller.  Yes it is true that something could go wrong with such a transaction but it's not common.  After all everyone who drives a car risks accident, everyone who has a job risks losing it,  everyone who exercises risks injury.   Nicole if…[Read more]


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