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  • Hi Terry,

    There would essentially be two seperate contracts, one for the land purchase and the second for the construction part of the project. The new purchaser would be able to use the land that is on a seperate title for security and settle, then carry on with a standard construction loan until completion.

    The brokers I have spoken to already…[Read more]

  • Thanks for your reply Terry,

    Ideally I need these to be purchased as a house and land package as I am not in a position to carry the construction finance myself.

    A prospective purchaser has made numerous enquiries with some local brokers who all say it isn’t possible to finance such a deal.

    If you feel confident that you could arrange such a…[Read more]

  • Hi Guys,

    I am in the process of getting plans approved for a duplex development and I was planning on selling each one as a house and land package using split contracts. After speaking with many different brokers today I am led to believe that it is not possible because the two dwellings share a common slab etc.

    Then I had a conversation with a…[Read more]

  • Hi Terry,

    I would be looking to purchase using a company, what would the requirements be to qualify and what lvr could you do? Also what rate of interest could I expect?

  • Hi Richard,

    Can you give me a rough indication of the rates I could expect to pay and the required lvr? as well as the term?

  • Hi Guy’s,

    I am wanting to buy,renovate and sell some residential properties with the view to making some additional income. I did this quite successfully a few years ago and would typically have them back on the market within 60 days. At the moment I have about $500,000 cash on hand but my serviceability is almost non-existant due to a failed…[Read more]

  • Hi David,Thank you very much for your reply!! Would it be possible  to set up a number of unit trusts  for different projects  with each containing  20  investors and still be able  to apply  the S708 section of the corporations act? Best regards,Charlie

  • Hi Richard,I've had a chance to view the act and it mentions that it is only a managed fund if greater than 20 people belong to it?In your opinion, how can one legally seek funds from private individuals without having to go through all the  the red tape  with asic. Your comments would be appreciated.Regards,Charlie


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