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    Hi all.

    We have been scanning the sites, looking for info etc, with regards to getting started with property investing. We have come across a ‘Training Package from Hans Jackobi, called Super Secrets To Real Estate Wealth. Has anyone out there had any experience with this ?It appears to have alot of info. Any feedback would be appreciated.

    pabbs [biggrin]

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    Hi Pabbs,

    I would probably suggest to save your money and stay away from these real estate secrets stuff. I have seen a couple of them, just so I could see if I was missing any strategies or loop holes etc. They all claim to tell you the “get rich quick” schemes and “secrets of the rich no one knows about”, it is big business out there and they are feeding off peoples desire to be secure and happy with there lifestyle(rich or comfortable).

    I tend to read alot of books and believe this is a better way of getting the info, it’s not rocket science, it’s common sense, people seem to make it sound difficult or harder than it is.

    Why pay $300-$400 for a pack, or $3000-$5000 for a seat at a seminar, when you can buy the same info in a book for $30 Bucks(obviously buy more than one), lets face it, they put pretty much everything in the book and just basically tell you the same thing you’ve read anyway. But I have many books and they seem to cross over into each other with similar if not the same information just worded differently.

    Recommended authors to consider are:
    +Peter Spann (Aus)
    +Robert Kyosaki (USA)
    +Steve Mc Knight (Aus)
    +Margaret Lomas (Aus)

    I hope this helps, just remember some times you already know what you have to do, and you seem to hear it or read it over and over maybe waiting for a miracle, but you just have to sitdown and plan…invest…prosper!

    Hope this helps [biggrin]

    Higly Motivated Investor

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    Hi there

    I don’t completely agree. Yes books are a great cheap way to gain knowledge. But Seminars can be a great way to network with other investors and they can be very motivating.
    Just be very, very, very cafefull about the expertise of the person running the seminar or workshop.
    Plus, you have to decide when you have had enough education and it’s time to get out there and buy something.

    Action is the best education!


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    Lately i’ve found this forum is very informative. It’s working for you as you’ve posted and are getting replies. The Jan Somers books are a great grounding and so is The Richest Man in Babylon. I agree with KRUPA, stay away from seminars, i’ve been to a lot of the intro nights, even Henry Kay, and some people in the crowd are placed on purpose to net you in.

    Bottom line is, there is no get rich quick scheme, save your money and while doing that research everything and by the time you’re ready to invest you’ll have the money which to do it with.

    Good luck,

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    Books, Books and more Books, and a couple seminars, is the key to get into property investing. I’m a baker on a low to medium income with two teenage kids, And I own 7 properties. I have about 45 books on the subject of property investing and most of them I bought from second hand shops like Saint Vinies and Life line and paid only 50c. to $2.00 each. It’s alot to do with “mind set”. Get your self I the right frame of mind and think positive. Also the “Australian Property Investor” is a great mag.
    If somebody offered you a great job, but there was a catch. I can’t pay you straight away and I can’t tell you how much, but when I do it will be a huge amount of money. Would you take the job? That’s what investing is like. [biggrin]

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    Forums are another way to learn so much from your fellow investors, and the amount of information is outstanding! Look for professionals who frequent them, as well as other investors, so you can pick up some great advice/tips as well.
    I have over 60 investing books in my personal library, have attended heaps of seminars, workshops and even free classes to ramp up my learning. There is a lot of knowledge out there- you just have to know what it is you’re looking for and have your goals in mind, no matter how simple. An independent financial planner can kickstart you on the right track so it’s worthwhile looking for an effective one.
    API is a great mag, as is Personal Investor for ideas and articles. API actually had an article about choosing an FP recently (can’t recall the exact issue) which looked great.
    Can’t comment on Hans, except to say that I’m not a fan of the super hype that accompanies these seminars- in my investing experience, there are no “secrets”, just hard work, ability to learn and conduct research, and patience.


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    What an excellent post wild one!!! If there was ever an example how anybody can be successful in property investing, youre it! Shear determination, lots of hard work and some knowledge go along way.

    Pabbs, its great that youre wanting to get into property investing, however I would question making someone else rich by buying expensive packages etc. I know of a few people that have these type of things gathering dust on their bookshelfs. Sure buy plenty of books (second hand if you can; ebay is a great place for this), and attend the odd seminar. Nothing will get your portfolio started quicker than getting started.


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    Networking with similar minded individuals, is a better way of doing it as in my opinion, experience is the best method of learning.
    Don’t get lost amongst words in a book, neither the emotional hype in a seminar. Look at the holistic picture and think Macro. Stick to your own personal goals and let that drive you cause as we all know, no one knows what you want better than you do!

    Enjoy your journey..

    Roy H.
    L.R.E.A., Dip FS (FP)
    Guardian Property Specialists (GPS)

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