Investment Detective has been discontinued. We’ll have more products on offer soon to help you with your due diligence needs.

Investment Detective

“How To Evaluate A Property Deal With Ease… In Less Than 5 Minutes!”

Successful investors know that being able to thoroughly evaluate a potential property deal can often be the difference between a healthy profit and a significant loss.

The problem is that, other than Buyer Beware, there are precious few affordable resources around to help those who don’t know how to determine whether their deal is a gold mine or a lemon.

Well, I have some extremely good news as I’m delighted to announce the release of ‘Investment Detective’ – purpose written computer software designed to make the tasks of evaluating potential property deals AND managing the administration of your property portfolio much, much easier.

Investment Detective’s friendly layout means that even the most computer-challenged users can use it confidently, and the powerful behind-the-scenes calculations mean you don’t need to be an accountant or maths professor to arrive at an accurate result.

What Does Investment Detective Do?

There were two aims in designing Investment Detective:

  1. To make the job of evaluating a potential property deal a lot simpler which releases time to look for opportunities rather than being stuck behind a computer; and
  2. To allow for the results of properties already owned to first be budgeted and then tracked in order to create the information needed to make an accurate investment decision.

The finished product is a fantastic easy-to-use software package where all you need to do is input the basic variables (such as purchase price, amount of money borrowed, expected rent and costs) and Investment Detective will automatically crunch the numbers and present you with a comprehensive summary of the expected or actual profitability of your investment.


How Long Does it take to Use Investment Detective?

After the few moment it takes to become familiar with Investment Detective, even the most computer illiterate person can evaluate a potential property investment in less than five minutes!

Better yet, as you learn to navigate your way around the screens, you’re almost certain to be able to shave hours, if not days off the time you used to spend tinkering with spreadsheets and accounting packages.

How will Investment Detective Save me Time and Money?

The list is very long, but here are just a few of the great built-in features of Investment Detective that may save you time and money:

  1. The flexibility to track an unlimited number of properties over an indefinite time frame, and then to see the results over several years on the one handy summary screen
  2. Whether you track 1, 10 or 100 properties, you can quickly and conveniently monitor your overall property portfolio with a handy all-inclusive summary report
  3. Never forget a phone number or an important date again as Investment Detective delivers the convenience of being able to keep track of key dates and also the contact details of your key advisers at the click of a mouse
  4. A very helpful wizard that allows you to easily input data so it will only take you a few minutes to perform a detailed evaluation on a potential property
  5. Fantastic time saving features such as the automatic loan repayment, stamp duty and land tax calculators – just enter in the parameters and the answer is provided
  6. A tremendous ‘What-if’ feature that allows you to test the impact of a change in revenue, costs or loan interest without altering your actual data
  7. Comprehensive reporting of both traditional and cashflow profit measures that cater for properties that are tailored to earn capital gains and or positive cashflow
  8. Very useful break-even analysis that tells you how much interest rates can rise before your cashflow is swallowed up
  9. Potential to save a significant amount of money by cutting down the time your accountant spends doing your tax return. Simply print off the summary report and send it to your adviser
  10. And much, much more. See for yourself with the short video I’ve created that demonstrates this software. You can view it online by clicking HERE right now

STOP PRESS!!! – New Features Just Added! Click here for details.

Is Investment Detective Easy to Use?

Another great feature is the product support on offer. You can:

  • Learn at your own pace with the handy online video tutorials and in-built help function
  • Seek support as needed using the dedicated fast-response email address
  • Gain the support of, and network with, fellow investors at the dedicated forum board at

What Other Investors Are Saying About Investment Detective

Here’s just a sample of comments from users of Investment Detective:

 Investment Detective helped me to analyse a potential deal which looked too good to be true. Although I was very keen to buy my first positive cashflow investment property, the figures generated by Investment Detective ensured I made the right decision based on commonsense rather than emotion. I’m confident Investment Detective will help other investors make rational investment decisions; it’s money well spent!!!  Raymond C.

From 0 to 260+ Properties in 7 Years Book CoverSTOP PRESS!! Version 2.0 Released!

The exciting new release of Investment Detective has even more features to help you get the most from your new property purchases, and tools to help you quickly whip your existing portfolio back into shape.

You can now :

  • Access Ground Breaking Risk Assessment Formulas as detailed in Steve’s book, 0 to 260+ Properties in 7 Years.
    Evaluate each property for its potential risk.
    • Growth on Equity Return (GoER).
    • Net Profit Percentage (NPP).
    • Compare NPP against 3 Times Average Loan Interest (NPPv3I) The 3 Second solution.
    • Risk Free Return.
    • Danger Money Multiple (DMM).
  • Tax Benefit estimator, quickly estimate and enter a tax benefit across multiple property porfolios.
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Numeric input can now handle formatted entry Eg. $5,000.00, even typos will be ignored.
  • On Screen Keypad and calculator for numeric entry. Very useful for tablet devices.
  • If you use Equity as well as cash in a deal, the equity amount can be optionally used too in the Cash on Cash and Payback Period calculations.
  • Detailed manuals with screen shots and valuable examples.
    • PDF Investment Detective User Manual.
    • PDF Investment Detective Tutorial Manual.

Other Valuable and Time Saving Features

You can also:

  • Control and Manage Multiple Portfolios – whether they’re units within one property, properties in different companies, or different countries – you can now manage and compare multiple portfolios however you like – at the touch of a button. Including:
    • The ability to set standard ‘default’ numbers for properties within each portfolio – a new time-saving feature.
    • The ability to select the currency your results are stored and calculated in, so you can see the results converted to the currency of your choice (whether it’s pesos, ringits or dollars or anything else in between).
  • Store unlimited photos of your properties – next time you take your digital camera to an inspection, you can store all your photos in the one place, and have them within easy reach when doing your due diligence. You’ll never have the frustration of not remembering which property had that problem ever again – use these photos as ammunition to negotiate potentially thousands of dollars off your next property purchase.
  • As times change, so does your portfolio – so now you can copy or move properties between portfolios. – Simple… but just another powerful, time-saving feature which is too easy to overlook.
  • Keep an eye on your whole property empire, or evaluate specific properties – based on the numbers it receives, Investment Detective will show you exactly how your money is performing in the market using the handy Home summary page. And what if you have property overseas? Well, results can be displayed in any currency!
  • Never use an address book again – you’ll have the contacts for all your agents, solicitors and financiers at your fingertips, all in the one place
  • Actual Costs can be entered individually with a date, description and notes rather than an annual figure so that you can compare a detailed Actual Costs summary with budgeted costs in less time than two shakes of your piggy-bank.
  • Review your historical expenses – the history selection tab has a new page for the itemised actuals. Print it all out and keep it on file, or print selected items and pass them on to your accountant at tax time.
  • Ever wanted more control over Tax? You now have the ability to edit Tax and Duty calculations, meaning you can customise Investment Detective to instantly calculate tax in all 193 countries all over the globe, or customise the figures any other way to suit your specific needs.

All right – How Much Does Investment Detective Cost?

Other software that promises similar features starts at around $300 and goes upward from there. However, one of the best features of Investment Detective is its realistic price that makes it affordable for every investor.

The base recommended retail price for Investment Detective is $235, however, to coincide with the launch of version 2.0 of Investment Detective, we are currently running a very limited offer.

For the duration of the launch special, we have sharpened our pencils considerably by slashing over a further 15% off, meaning you can start more effectively to manage and control your property portfolio for just $199.00.

$298.50 Worth of Bonus Items… FREE!!

Your purchase also includes the following two items:

  • 24 months email support so if you ever have a query with the software all you need to do to obtain personal attention is to send an email to the dedicated address (Value $199)
  • 12 months of online upgrades (Value $99.50) from the date of your purchase to ensure that you’re protected against a new release coming out days after ordering.

These free bonuses will not last forever. Be sure to order while they are currently still available.

Risk-Free Guarantee!

Investment Detective is covered by the usual 14 day money back price-protection guarantee. This means you can trial the product, and, if you are not completely happy, simply return it for a full refund.

I’m very confident that you’ll find Investment Detective to be heaven-sent in assisting you to evaluate deals and manage your properties. If I’m wrong then you can get a refund!

System Requirements

Just to clarify, the system specifications necessary to run this program are:

  • Intel® Pentium® III or 4
  • Microsoft® Windows® 2000, Windows® XP or later
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5 or greater
  • 64MB of RAM (128MB recommended)
  • 25MB of available hard-disk space
  • 1024 x 768 or greater monitor resolution

Unfortunately, at this point in time Investment Detective is not Mac compatible, but it does run using Virtual PC.

How Do I Order?

The best way to order is online via the secure payment gateway. All you need to do is click the Add button below and process through the shopping cart.

If you order online then you’ll receive instructions by email outlining how you can immediately download the software so you can start evaluating properties straight away.

Final Words

Investment Detective is a simple and easy to use deal evaluation / management software that’s very affordably priced.

Order today and put the detective on the case of saving you time and money by tracking down your property profits!

Investment Detective has been discontinued. We’ll have more products on offer soon to help you with your due diligence needs.