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Five proven templates delivering critical information to protect you from buying a property investing lemon!

If you’re already an experienced investor with twenty or so deals under your belt, then you’ve probably devised your own system for discovering the fine details you know are the difference between purchasing a property gold mine, or being left with a real estate lemon.

However if you’re new or relatively inexperienced, you might be unsure about what to look out for in a potential purchase, or maybe the questions to ask to protect yourself against making an expensive mistake.

  This information is perfect for all of our needs. I would have paid many times what I did for the templates alone. Thank you Steve for yet another quality
product.   Judith O.

  BuyerBeware is a good source of information. I tried to implement my own template over the last 2 years, but never managed to quite finish the job. Now I’m finally able to say to myself that the templates are done, which means I can get on with the job of investing to make money.   C. Kev

  I reviewed the buyer beware e-book over the weekend and found it comprehensive yet simple in it format which will allow us to accurately assess the best property for purchase.   Lisa J.

  I purchased the material without hesitation. It’s all easy to read and the numbers examples were easy to follow. As for user friendliness…
I’d give it a 4 out of 5.   A. Parker

BuyerBeware is an Essential Tool for all Investors

Using the templates designed and used by property expert Steve McKnight, and proven successful time and time again by other investors, BuyerBeware will:

  1. Show you how to crunch the numbers so you know exactly how much a potential property will cost and also what your likely return will be.

    This resource has been written with the ‘mathamatically challenged’ in mind and is very easy to use, especially with the detailed instructions and worked case study example.

  2. Provide a ‘tick the box’ style system ensuring you complete a thorough preliminary property inspection every time and unearth the sorts of things normally carefully hidden from the eyes of a novice investor.

    Included are 13 property alerts that indicate the likelihood of expensive structural repairs. Many property investors have used this information to negotiate thousands off the eventual purchase price

  3. Reveal if you’re inheriting another landlord’s nightmare tenant. Just because a property is sold with an existing tenant does not mean the cash will start rolling in from day one.

    You need to know whether all the necessary documentation exists before you buy. It’s too late if a tenant trashes your property and you discover there’s no condition report; you’ll have to pay for the expensive clean up. Included is a valuable 15 ‘tenant alerts’ check box which flags potential problems before they’re yours to deal with.

  4. Provide a comprehensive tenant application form that’s the envy of most rental managers.

    The quality of your tenant determines the reliability of your rental income, so when it’s time to find a new tenant you’ll want and need information to ensure your property is let to the right person.

    Containing seven sections, including a powerful tenant declaration, this form is an essential tool in selecting and qualifying potential tenants.

  5. Reveal how to write effective written offers that also include ‘get out’ clauses. Importantly you’ll also benefit from a special feature that’ll ensure your offer is promptly submitted to the agent and not left in limbo.

Remember that these five templates come with comprehensive instructions which outline in detail how you can profit from utilising this resource.

What You’ll Get

By ordering the newly revised BuyerBeware, you can expect to receive;

  • BuyerBeware‘s 5 due diligence templates – the same templates that Steve McKnight has used on literally hundreds of properties to find the pick-of-the-litter when it comes to positive cashflow deals, PLUS;
  • Over an hour of detailed audio on CD in which Steve McKnight explores the issues involved in doing proper due diligence. PLUS;
  • Over 75 pages worth of detailed written information, with Steve McKnight delving into the due diligence process for property investing, and the use of the 5 critical BuyerBeware templates, PLUS;
  • BuyerBeware also has an easy-reference data CD which has been specially designed so that you can print the templates over and over again. The data CD comes with a detailed online help manual so that even L-Plate computer users can easily get the most out of BuyerBeware.


For a limited time, the total cost for the revised BuyerBeware is $129.95, and it’s ready to be shipped to you immediately.

That’s right! For just over $25 each, you can secure 5 proven and easy to use due diligence templates that have already saved other investors tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars.

Plus, you’re able to order over the internet immediately.

Money Back Guarantee

We have a simple yet effective ‘iron-clad’ guarantee to ensure you both like and can profit from the resources you buy here at

If you’re not totally satisfied with your purchase, simply return it to us within 14 days of receiving it. Then, so long as it comes back in a saleable condition, we’ll happily refund 100% of your purchase price (excluding postage and handling charges).

Sorry, this product is being revised and updated.