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  • liviwell,
    thanks, I found it!

  • Hi all,
    I have been studying property investing for about 6 months now and joined the forum about 3 months ago. I have learnt a great deal, but unfortunatly cannot purchase my first IP as yet because I am in the middle of a 4 lot sub-division. This is my 2nd sub-division and would love to do it again. (Council’s are annoying as they are sooo…[Read more]

  • After buying a house and having to pay $14,500 stamp duty, I too was a bit angry.
    Queensland have a better system than we do here in Victoria. Victoria pays the highest stamp duty than any other state.
    Victorian’s only pay stamp duty on an existing home. You don’t pay stamp duty on a house you build.
    Where as in Queensland they pay stamp duty on…[Read more]

  • 3 or 4 bedroom houses are easier to sell than 2 bedroom houses, so maybe look at that.
    I think 2 bathrooms these days is a must (1 bathroom and an ensuite). Garage.
    In Victoria – Central heating!

    These are the most important factors to me, anyway.

  • Well thanks for that information.
    I didn’t know that if you sell a property that you have owned shorter than 12 months you pay 100% CGT and if you own it for more than 12 months you pay 50%. Have I got that right?
    Guess I will have to hold on to my properties a bit longer until I sell them. That would make a huge difference.
    Thanks All.

  • Pebbles_2 replied to the topic Wanted to Buy :) in the forum General Property 18 years ago

    Have a look on the Wes Davision Horsham site.
    They always have properties under $100,000 in Nhill, Horsham and surrounding areas.
    Also, give them a call and tell them what you are looking for and they will e-mail you each time a house comes up that matches your criteria. with pretty pictures and everything.

  • I would love a copy also.
    Please email to:
    [email protected]

  • Several years ago, my partner and I purchased an old Victorian home on a huge block of land.
    We sub-divided the land into three blocks and were going to build 4 two storey town houses.
    The council approved the application, but the residents objected and ended up taking us to court. The residents won! Can you believe it. Although there were…[Read more]

  • Pebbles_2 replied to the topic Security in the forum General Property 18 years ago

    I work at the University of Ballarat and was just wondering, you say you charge these students on a nightly basis, do you charge these students all year? Is there a contract? 6 mths, 12 mths?

    In Ballarat, most students come from other regional towns in Victoria, and always go home for the holidays which are 26 weeks of the year.
    So, for half a…[Read more]

  • Lozza,
    We should arrange to meet when it gets closer to the date, maybe there will be more of us from the forum by then.
    Looking forward to meeting you.

  • Cam,
    I had 2 girls and wanted to try one more time for a boy.
    I went to the gynacologist and he gave me a recipe for a boy.
    Followed it exactly for 4 months and later on I found out I was pregnant. Yes, nine months later, I had a boy.
    Some people believe it’s a coincidence, but I believed in what we were doing and I believed I would have a boy…[Read more]

  • Matt,
    I have already booked as well. I am going to the Melbourne seminar on the 16th November.

    I would love to meet any other forum members at the seminar. We should all arrange to meet at lunch time or something.

  • Lifestyle,
    I am a 35 year old single mother with 3 children. (Not looking for anyone either).
    With 3 children, I have renovated a house, completed and sold a 2 lot sub-division, owner-builder of my house (with my ex) and am now into my second sub-division.
    You can do anything you want to do, with or without children!

  • Very interesting post.
    You all have motivated me to shave my legs instead of getting them waxed. [:P]
    That will save me around $80 per month.
    I am also thinking about lowering my limit on my credit card.
    My mobile phone is out of contract, so instead of going into another contract with a great new phone, I will keep the old phone and purchase…[Read more]

  • When I sold my house 5 months ago, Aussie did the loan for the purchasers.
    I was told they were slack and slow, but to my suprise, they were quicker than St. George, whom I went through to purchase another house.
    St. George took us 6 weeks over settlement and therefore, we had to pay penalty interest rates, which ended up working out to an extra…[Read more]

  • I am an administration manager for the student association at a university.
    I have been here for over 6 years and although I have had a couple of promotions over the years, I find it a bit boring. Same old, same old.
    That’s why I love this forum and yes, I’m addicted!

  • Yes, I have started reading the “One Minute Millionaire” book as well and can’t put it down.
    It is very imformative and Michelle’s story “The Enlightened Way To Wealth” is inspiring.
    There is also a website:
    Although, when people at work see the title on the book “One Minute Millionaire”, their first question is “how…[Read more]

  • I agree with Wilandel.
    Businees and family do not mix.
    I know first hand.
    You think that because you are family nothing can come between you, but believe me, money can!

  • I had a bad experience investing with my brother. He actually lived in the house and whenever anything went wrong with the house, he expected me to pay for it because I organised the renovation. Anyway, long story.
    We went through a bad patch for a couple of years, but thankfully now we have agreed to put it all behind us. I thought we would…[Read more]

  • The best way I have found is to look properties up on the internet and then call the Agents.
    Tell the agent you are an investor and tell them exactly what you are looking for and they will call you every so often when something comes up.
    The last house I purchased, the agent called us first before it even went on the market, he was going out to…[Read more]

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