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  • You are right, if it’s free then it’s probably worth going to.
    I know that if I did go to one of Henry Kayes seminar’s I would have to be strong and not get excited and caught up in all the hype
    and end up signing something that later I will regret.
    That’s how they get you.

  • I am booked into the Henry Kaye seminar for Monday night in Melbourne, after talking to people on this forum and doing some research, I will not be going!
    I have now booked into Steve’s seminar in Melbourne in November. I’m sure I will achieve and learn a lot more going to one of Steve’s seminars.
    It is amazing though, when you tell people you…[Read more]

  • Thanks Steve,
    I live in Ballarat and cannot find rental +ve cashflow property here. Anyway, I do prefer the idea of wraps compared to rental properties.

    Do you still invest in properties in Ballarat?
    I have looked at Colac, but houses are expensive there as well.

    Is it viable to wrap so far away from where you live?

  • Insider,
    Would you like to share your story with us please?
    How you managed to buy 3 properties with no job and no money.
    I love to hear these kind of stories. They certainly are motivating.

  • very interesting. I visited that website and Neil & Henry sounded like two big kids fighting.
    It has turned me off going to the Henry Kaye seminar next week in Melbourne.

  • Steph & Cremin,
    I too would like to be financially free so I can spend more time with my children. My kids always ask if I can stay at school with them in the morning and do the readers or go to concerts during the day etc and most times I can’t. I would love to participate in their school activities.
    I have been at my current job for 6 years now…[Read more]

  • Quote:
    I used the search facility and found some interesting stories about Henry Kaye. I don’t think I will even bother attending his seminar.
    It seems that all he will do is try to sell his seminar packages.

  • Henry Kaye will be in Sydney on Thur Sept 18th.
    Not sure what the seminar will be like, but I thought I would check it out in Melbourne on Mon Sept 15th.
    He sounds a bit like Robert Allen from America in that he claims he will make 5 ordinary Australians into Property Millionaires in just 6 months, using no money down, no debt and no equity. If…[Read more]

  • My partner bought land in a commission area in Tassie near Hobart. He bought it several years ago and sold it a couple of months ago for the same price. We could not get any more for it and every real estate agent told us the same thing.
    It was probably just that area.
    Other than that I have read that Tassie is the cheapest place to buy a house…[Read more]

  • Terry,
    Thanks for your reply. Yes, I have thought about keeping the blocks and maybe borrowing against them to finance some investment properties or even selling them as house and land packages. I think I need to sit down with a professional and discuss all the options and find out which way is the best way.
    Maybe I will have to do some serious…[Read more]

  • Yes, I have looked into one and after about 1 hour of reading I found out it was Herbal Life.
    Only the people that set these pyramid selling companies up make any money. It’s just the same as how Amway operates. Pyramid Selling. Lots of people try it and the majority end up spending a lot of money on the products themselves. My advice is to stay clear!

  • quote:
    Has anyone seen or tried the business models on the work from, home type websites? ive been looking up one site that claims massive profit, minimum effort, a great business plan, but not once does it tell me what the product is. Has anyone had any experiences with these “businesses”. Im pretty sceptical.

    taa jared


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