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Your Greatest Enemy

Date: 05/12/2017

enemyPerhaps the greatest enemy you may face in your journey to success is overcoming a formidable foe. This enemy has vanquished literally millions of people, destroyed dreams and left people at the end of their lives with feelings of bitter regret.

This foe exists within every man and woman on the planet, so to get to where you want to go, you must overcome it. Few people ever do, and that is why the road to success is littered with broken dreams. What is the name of this enemy?

It is called “resistance.”

It is the resistance to do the things you must do to help you succeed. Some people call this enemy “procrastination,” but procrastination is the fruit or result. The seed is resistance.

It Happens to Everybody

When I was writing my bestselling book, it was easy to procrastinate, to defer, to think another project was more important. However, the seed was in my resistance to sit down and just do what I needed to do, which was hammering away at that keyboard.

overcomingIt is the same situation with all creative endeavours or actions that yield the highest results. Business people will happily check their emails 10 times a day, yet they resist working on that all-important marketing piece that could treble their leads. Salespeople will shuffle paperwork mindlessly instead of handling follow up calls to get more real estate investors to look at their properties.

Where does resistance come from? Answering that question is the first step in defeating it. It comes from within you. When you square off to that fact, you are well on your way to winning. But that is a hard, yet important step to take. Most people want to blame something or something else; however, realizing resistance is within you is the first step to overcoming it.

A Little Formula with Big Result

Here is a great formula that can generate big results and really get you going. It’s called Start – Stop – More – Less.

  • Big ResultStart – Start doing something. Make a commitment to doing at least one thing every day that generates an income or gets you closer to a goal.
  • Stop – Stop doing the things that don’t work. One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, yet expecting a different result.
  • More – Do more of what works. You wouldn’t believe the number of clients who have been making a lot with a marketing or business strategy – then simply forget to keep doing it. Do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t.
  • Less – Do less of the unimportant things. Make a list of things you do that waste time, so you’ll know what to address.

A Huge Tip for You

The biggest tip for you is to start your day with at least one thing that produces income. Don’t clear your inbox first, or catch up on “stuff.” Do the most important thing in your day first. Re-train your brain. Whatever you do first is what you believe to be the most important thing on your list.

Wishing you every success.

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By Brendan Nichols

Brendan Nichols has the audacity to believe you should work a little for a lot and shows his clients how he averages three months holiday a year. He is financially independent and a best selling author, published by the giant publisher, Harper Collins. He has appeared in the media dozens of times and about a million people watched an exclusive ABC television documentary on him. He has trained tens of thousands of people, on three continents. He originally started from nothing and had several successful businesses before he was an educator. One of these businesses was a highly successful Real Estate project marketing company, where he launched major campaigns.Brendan’s specialty is showing you the steps to make more money and have an amazing life in the process.To get more information, go to

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