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Why home staging and furnishing is beneficial

Date: 12/01/2014

Why home staging and furnishing is beneficial

You may have just completed the often complicated and time-consuming process of buying a property investment, but don’t celebrate yet!

Besides the task of making your real estate ready to live in, you must begin your search for the perfect tenant – and savvy investors know that there is much more to marketing than just putting out an ad on the internet.

Introducing a house or a unit that people can picture themselves living in for a certain period of time sometimes requires a little creativity – especially if you are asking for a premium.

Two options for this particular approach include home staging and partly or fully furnishing the property.

Home staging

Why home staging and furnishing is beneficial
Presenting your real estate in the most attractive way requires careful thought and perhaps even professional help.

There are many businesses in Australia that offer their home staging services and can help you determine how to create space and produce the best layout.

Decorating your space may require you to hire key pieces of furniture and accessories to set the scene. Furniture, pillows, lamps, curtains and bed dressing all go a long way toward creating a picture.

Flowers, plants and candles will add the final touches and create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere.


home staging furnishing
While it will cost more to furnish your property and you will likely attract shorter-term tenants, there are advantages to this approach.

You should be able to ask a higher rental price for a furnished rather than unfurnished place simply because of convenience and supply and demand.

Those who seek furnished places are usually not staying long enough to make the purchase of furniture and suchlike worth the cost and would therefore always choose a furnished place first.

Additionally, the sometimes costly wear and tear of moving bulky items in and out of the house would be avoided altogether.

There are advantages to both tactics, so it would be advisable to weigh a list of pros and cons to determine the best method for you.
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By Steve McKnight

Steve McKnight, the founder of, is a respected property investing authority as well as Australia's #1 best-selling business author.


  1. DWolfe

    Thanks for a blog on this! So much better for prospective tenants to visualise themselves living there, rathen than thinking 'is this bedroom big enough?' Home staging is a great way to distract tenants from the not so great parts of a property, dark hallways etc. Keep the great info coming.

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