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    How do I access to Steve training/ courses. I have been through his book and I would like to dig in more seriously finding a good source of education about investment before jumping in a deal! Thanks

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    Hi Jeeakz,

    Steve no longer does training courses.  He does however run webinars from time to time, and these are always worthwhile as he comments on current situations.   Also, I think his STEPS offering is a VERY good product.  It is designed to walk you through the total Due Diligence needed when purchasing a property.  The detail is phenomenal and if you followed the steps to a T, you would minimise (or even eliminate) the risks involved when purchasing.

    Other than that, some members post of educational meetings on here (either in person or online).  Look for them every month or two.

    Good to hear you are looking to spend money to educate yourself – a favourite quote of mine is “Ïf you think education is expensive, try ignorance!”


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